Movement is a blessing, isn’t it? If you’ve been in lockdown as much as we have, you’ll know perfectly well what we’re talking about. There’s just nothing to do and we’ve binge-watched everything we could watch and, honestly, we’re getting tired of our couches.

All this nothingness and lack of movement did was sour our moods and our joints. But, frankly speaking, being on lockdown never meant we couldn’t move around, right? It doesn’t mean we need to give up the feelings of relaxation and satisfaction we get when we move around or run or just do things, you know?

And because you do know, you’re probably wondering if this is a sign. Well, if you’re looking for a sign you just got one. And if you’re looking for more signs, you need to know Rexona is launching an initiative encouraging people to move around during this lockdown.

Okay, before you groan and think about all the tiredness you’ll feel or how comfortable your couch suddenly got, you need to know one thing. Rexona isn’t saying you need to jump around and go crazy.

Small movements count too, you know. You don’t have to do too much if you can’t or don’t want to do that. Just move. But how will you move, you may ask. And what kind of small moves are we talking about here? Well, that’s covered too.

Because they don’t want you to feel at all alone in this stage, Rexona has made a series of short and sweet videos that explain what kind of small moves can make the biggest waves. Anything from substituting lifting weights for lifting groceries to exchanging the track for a trek around the house is a go!

So, now you’re getting all excited for this and we appreciate it. But before you start doing your morning stretches to prepare for the initiative, we have something else to tell you—a surprise that makes this even better.

You know how we said little moves matter here? Well, they do but if little moves can make big waves, can you imagine the impact of the big moves?

We can and so can Rexona because it has partnered up with Tri-Factory (yes, the home of the triathlon) for a stay-at-home marathon and you’ll want in. We’ll tell you why. See, for every kilometre you run Rexona will donate one pound to Breathe, a campaign solely focused on helping people breathe by providing them with medical ventilators. So far, stay-at-home marathon participants completed 75 thousand kilometres and Rexona has donated the same.

Through exercise, as you know, we all feel better and we feel more alive because the more we move, the more we can live and breathe. And if we can breathe, then why not help others do the same?

Yes, now you can go back to your morning stretches. Get your running shoes ready!