Getting Your Social Groove Back After The Rut

The past few months of 2020 have been a little intense, haven’t they? What, with the current happenstances and the mandatory self-quarantining we’ve all had to endure, that is a bit of an understatement.

See, this quarantine has also made us realize a thing or two. One of those things is, of course, the fact that our social lives have all but gone stale during our extended home-stays. To the point where even gradually going back can seem a little bit nerve-wracking.

Well, going back to being your natural social butterfly self is actually rather easy. And, yes, you can bring back your social groove while still being safe and sound.

Rant circles

Reading this, you might be a little surprised but we can explain. We know you’ve probably already done this a few times over text or video-chat with your friends, but having ranting sessions together in person will alleviate any tensions you might be feeling.

If you’re feeling like you’re out of loop or that you and your friends are out of sync, just rant about it. Preferably with a beach mini-bonfire that will begin as a rant session and will end being an impromptu mini-party for you and your friends.

Here’s the one and only rule. After this rant circle is over, you and your friends cannot and should not attempt to talk about anything negative. It’s all much-needed positivity after this.

Competitive card games

In the vein of reintroducing fun and games into our lives, how about we start with these? Classic card games, like Uno and the like. The sheer competitiveness will not only make for some vivid post-quarantine memories, but it will also serve for some tension relief as well as breaking all reservation.

Not to mention that card games can be played with all social distancing measures kept in mind without any major changes to the games themselves. And this is the kind of normal-with-a-change thing we all need.

Open space hangouts

If staying in for all this time has made us miss something, we’ve certainly missed nothing more than the great outdoors. Naturally, the fact that we’re gradually going back to normal life in the middle of a breezy summer means that we can get to explore all possible outdoor hangouts now.

From beach-side lounging to limited-guest barbecues to garden-wide picnics to outdoor parked-car cinemas, there really is no limit but the sky here and we’ll need to make use of that.

Have a regular brunch

While we’re talking about a return to normal social gatherings, here’s something we need to take into consideration. Early gatherings over a good brunch and a cup of coffee.

We know this may not sound like the wildest thing to do, but that’s exactly the point. Now that we are getting to go back to the way things were—while keeping ourselves safe and our environments sanitized, of course—we’re getting another chance to revisit all the things we’d previously taken for granted, which includes brunch and a million other little things.

Make the wildest post-pandemic plans

Returning to regular living and your regular social life doesn’t mean that everything is all fine and dandy now. It just means that we’re still learning how to coexist with the situation and making the most of our summer while we do so.

However, this pandemic will eventually be a thing of the past, so it won’t hurt us to prepare ahead. For this reason, you and your friends can get a head-start on making post-everything plans together, whether it’s travelling or adding more and more items to your bucket list, you’ll need to have a full social calendar when the dust settles.

Get back out there!