Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is nearing and everyone is racking their brains trying to think of the perfect Mother’s Day present. And in the wake of International Women’s Day and all the female pride (most) are feeling and displaying, we thought this is the perfect chance for us to shed light on all the sexist and selfish gifts we are culturally-trained to buy our mothers on Mother’s Day.

Kitchen Appliances/ Utensils & Cookware

It seems as though Mother’s Day is considered the high season for kitchen equipment; blenders, kitchen machines, toaster ovens, pots, pans, cups, glasses or basically anything with the sole purpose of helping your mom cook for you.

Wouldn’t COOKING YOUR OWN MEAL make her happier?

Yes, our moms cook for us and without them we’d live on dry noodles and soft boiled eggs FOREVER. I am not going to play the self-righteous role here, God knows, I can barely scramble an egg. However, does this mean that my mother’s sole purpose in life is to feed me?

That is a rhetorical question, IT DOES NOT!

Home Appliances

Okay, mothers love home appliances, it is true, we are not denying it. However, HOME appliances are more of a gift for the entire household, not just the mother.

Why buy her a fridge when you get to eat from it? Why buy her a vacuum cleaner to clean your room? It is simple really; if everyone gets to benefit from the gift, then it is not for your mom, it is for EVERYONE.

So, NO! It doesn’t qualify as a Mother’s Day present.

All these gifts show that you only see your mother for the things she does for you and around the house. I wouldn’t even call it her motherly role, because that would be a huge understatement and quite frankly insulting.

Getting your mother a blender or a set of cooking pots shows no gratitude, no appreciation, and honestly no respect. Your own mother is about more than just cooking, cleaning and tending to your every need.

She is a PERSON with her own interest, hobbies and needs. Tending to hers, for a change, would show that you actually care.

Also, if you have enough to opt out for a fully equipped kitchen machine, you have enough to get her one of the many costly things she deprives herself of for the sake of EVERYONE else.

Care enough to pay attention to the things she loves and wants and get them for her. That will show that you truly see her, appreciate her, and truly care for her.