Closet Reboot

We all know that transitioning your closet for every season could be a real headache. Fashion is always fun until we actually have to face the ugly truth that is our messy closet.

All in all, you probably wear only 20% of the items in there and the rest either just don’t fit, are out of style or bought on a whim. Worry no more, though, follow these steps and easily transition your closet from summer to fall!

Evaluate Each Item

Look with a critical eye to each and every item you have in your closet. Separate the essentials; like jeans and basics. Now, focus on evaluating each item on necessity and trendy basis.

Think of the style that fits you best and get rid of everything else from clothes that no longer fit to things you don’t feel comfortable wearing. Especially impulsive purchases!

Clean, Repair, Donate

Find items that are stored from last fall and put in a bag for cleaning.

See if you have items that are worthy and in need of mending and place in another bag and throw away those that aren’t. Then, if you run into clothes that are worn gently but no longer your priority, don’t hesitate and donate!

Outfit-Making Spree

Since getting dressed every morning is a creative process we don’t always have the time for, make your life easier while you’re at it and put together as many outfits as possible.

This way you will avoid the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome every morning and you’ll detect the holes in your closet for future purchasing.

Sort and Style Accessories

Accessories have a way in hiding in odd places. Gather all your accessories and sort them out in a jewelry box. Put away the summer accessories for next year and make room for scarves and other winter accessories.

Finally, try complementing the outfits you picked before with the accessories you have now and make a list of what you still need.

Tidy Up Dressing Space

Now that you’ve cleaned out most of your stuff, you should have plenty of room and dressing will be a bit more joyful. Next step would be neatening everything up in place.

Hang dresses, coats and jackets and fold shirts and trousers; make a shoe rack for all your footwear, too.

Make A Shopping List

Now to the fun part! You have done the hard work and it’s officially time for a treat. After evaluating your items, you should now have a pretty clear idea of what’s missing and what you have a soft spot for.

Make a fall shopping list of what your built-up outfits need and don’t forget the essentials! You know better by now not to repeat mistakes of the past, right?

A new season means a new you, so don’t hesitate in taking the opportunity!