Therapists aren’t necessarily for people with mental illness; this is a huge misconception that has to be changed. It’s so important for a lot of people to visit a therapist or a counselor every now and then to keep on developing and to feel psychologically stable. It’s even more important and even a must to visit a therapist if you live in “Om el Donia” EGYPT.


The amount of stress an Egyptian is subjected to only from traffic is indescribable. The beeps, the jams and the PARKING. While therapy won’t make traffic better and won’t help you find a better parking spot, it will help you deal with stress better.

Relationship Challenges

Due to the lack of awareness when it comes to relationship standards, people often fall in destructive relationships because they are unaware of what is acceptable and what’s not. Most women in Egypt and even some men do not know the importance of boundaries and this more often than not leads to abusive relationships. Also, the day-to-day stressful events make us unable to communicate wisely with our partners and this too needs counseling.

Family Craziness

Families in Egypt interfere in each other’s lives and criticize each other as a sign of love and affection. Well, it usually brings one down and breaks them instead of helping them. Again the lack of boundaries between family members is usually vague and one needs a therapist to help them clear that out!

Negativity Everywhere

I don’t know why but most Egyptians love whining! If someone has a bad day, they whine so they can spread negativity or “yefadfadd”. And if they’re having a good day, they still whine to prevent “el 3ein/el 7asad”. When this negativity piles up, you become depressed and that’s why you need a therapist.

Financial Problems a.k.a el ta3weem wel $

Most Egyptians have been facing financial problems for many decades. But after the devaluation, financial problems have reached every Egyptian home. Yes therapy is usually a bit expensive or people don’t usually consider it a priority, but it kind of is! Especially if you feel depressed or down and this depression is negatively affecting your life and productivity.

“Work-life Balance”

The imaginary work-life balance. Well if we consider 90% work and 10% life, a balance, then this statement applies in Egypt. But it’s never really like that especially in the corporate world.

If you feel you’re having trouble going through your day, or dealing with close people or unable to be a good parent/partner, feeling depressed, or stuck in an abusive relationship or a situation where you don’t know what to do, don’t think twice about going to a therapist. Don’t you ever feel ashamed of that, because mental fatigue is much more painful than physical fatigue.