It’s basically the end of July, and you already know it – we’ve all been pushing through this pandemic as hard as we can. But, as anxious as we all are with everything officially opening up and gradually going back to normal, there’s no escape from leaving the house and either going back to working from the office or just hanging out with your friends at a cafe or by the beach. It’s summer after all…

That being said, we need to talk about how absolutely exhausting and nerve-wracking this whole situation is.

Like, roaming the streets and seeing your friends again after almost four months on lockdown – this is only directed at those who were really ever on lockdown, by the way – is cool. No, it’s actually great.

At least that’s how it should be…

However, since we are part of those who took ‘quarantining since March‘ a little too seriously, we have to admit that going back to normal – even if that “normal” is just driving around and having a bite food with your friends from 5 to 8 – has been exhausting.

And to confirm that it’s not only us who have been feeling this way about being out and about once again, we spoke to a couple of people who turned out to have the same exact thoughts and feelings.

“Around a week ago, I went on a drive with two of my friends and we blasted some music to celebrate being out again. It was really fun at first and honestly such a relief after being locked-in for three months straight. However, as soon as I got home, I felt as if I’ve been running for hours, and being home is how I finally caught my breath and let out this sigh of relief.” Salma Khaled, 24.
“I went out with a group of seven people – while taking all precautionary measures – to celebrate a friend’s birthday. All we did was play some cards, eat pasta, and just catch up. But the whole time, all seven of us, and I’m not exaggerating, were extremely tired and sleepy to the point that we got a little suspicious as to why we all feel the exact same.” Rana Mohamed, 22.

Point is, we were already aware that “going back to normal” after this global crisis, especially that it’s still around, was never going to be easy. We already had an idea about how it’s going to feel strange seeing and talking to people again after being a 24/7 mobile screen-slave who only knows where the bed is for three months straight.

But the thing is, as hard as it is on all of us, and as completely tiring and triggering for so many people, at least we know we’re not alone. We know for a fact that the majority are feeling the same way, and are also struggling to push through and feel right again amid all the fear and confusion.

We’re just here to tell you that it’s going to be fine. Things might still not be ideal right now, not to mention that Covid-19 is still out there and protective measures need to remain a priority for as long as they should. However, as time progresses, the way you’re feeling right now is going to shift, eventually, so is the anxiety you’ve developed during quarantine.

Just stay strong, safe, and trust the process!