Egyptian luxury bag and accessories brand Okhtein is bringing its fresh, modern touch to one of Egypt’s oldest, most prestigious jewelry houses, Select Jewelry. The outcome was a line of fine jewelry nostalgic for and inspired by trends from the 1990s.


“As children (in the 90s), we loved accessorizing,” said Aya Abdel Raouf of Okhtein. “We took our childhood accessories: hair accessories and chokers, and translated them into fine jewelry,” Abdel Raouf said. Through the collaboration, the Okhtein designer duo brought back some of the most iconic 90s jewelry, including lambskin chokers and gold bobby-pin earrings.

To add to the nostalgic theme, the images featuring the items are Polaroid pictures and the model was styled in typical 90s trends and hairdos, such as the decade’s iconic double bun hairstyle. Other pieces in the collection feature soda bottlecap necklaces and bracelets, which are a throwback to when the young designers used to collect these caps and make jewelry out of them as kids.


Mina Abdou Youssef, Select Jewelry owner, said he saw this collaboration as a way to offer the market unconventional designs with a high value, giving it a timeless feel.

“You can wear this collection anytime: at night, in the morning. It’s simple yet has a modern twist,” he said.

Youssef approached the sister designers because of their strong artistic background and their uncommon vision, in addition to their great reputation both in Egypt and abroad.

Launching a jewelry collection shouldn’t come as a surprise now for Okhtein, after having launched a scarves collection and recently a towels collection.

“Okhtein started as an accessories brand so we’re not just limited to handbags,” Abdel Raouf said. “We’ve started collaborating with other brands and labels because we’re trying to change this perception (of being limited to handbags).”


This collection was a yearlong process and is an extension to Okhtein’s Future Nostalgia collection, in which the designers payed homage to their childhood by featuring some of the 90s’ most iconic cartoon charaters on their bags. The collection also aimed at raising awareness for autism and underpriviledged children,

Okhtein X Select is available for sale through Select Jewelry’s store in Heliopolis.