Yesterday, Gold’s Gym Dreamland posted a body shaming image on its social media page. Since then, several reactions have turned up on social media. AWstreams, a digital media agency handling Gold’s Gym social media accounts, issued this press release in response to our article published yesterday:

Women Safety Comes First

To all women in Egypt and the whole world, to every mother, to every girl, every sister and daughter; Gold’s Gym Egypt and AWstreams; the digital marketing agency handling the official social media accounts, have felt angry as you all were feeling yesterday, upon the post that was published on Gold’s Gym Dream Land Facebook page, which was unauthorized and not under the supervision or guidelines of either AWstreams or Gold’s Gym by any means. Gold’s Gym does not allow any franchise to create its own social media accounts, and Dream Land franchise violated this rule by creating an unauthorized Facebook page and created its content in-house without approval.
We have been partners with Gold’s Gym Egypt for a year now, regardless the fact that Gold’s Gym Dream Land page was unauthorized by either AWstreams or Gold’s Gym, that doesn’t make us any less responsible for your feelings. We apologize to every woman and girl around the world.
We, at AWstreams, have been supportive to women all along our journey. Our major company population are females who support and empower one another. Disrespect was not and never will be part of our values. To us women are not the weaker sex, we find motivation and persistence in them, they are the solid foundation and inertia that keeps this world intact yet dynamic. We believe women of all walks of life and backgrounds whether they are stay-at-home moms, go getting career women, or strong athletes; who never compromise on their goals, they are all winners one way or another as they have an unyielding dedication towards their responsibilities. We understand that bettering this world will only be achieved through empowering women and promoting how to accept and to love themselves for who they really are and to always feel more than enough.
We would like to assure you that we did not just come with an apology without actions. We sincerely beg your pardon for the unexcused stumble. However, we own it! And to you, we present our apologies. Ultimate respect!
It was our responsibility to make sure this incident won’t happen, but we are now taking firm procedures to ensure that all Gold’s Gym Egypt online accounts holding the brand name are officially managed by us.
We take women rights and safety seriously, it’s not acceptable to be shamed for any reason, we work hand in hand with Gold’s Gym to encourage people to find their strengths, whether it be physical, emotional or intellectual. No one has the right to tell women how should they look like and no place or business will ever survive without being respectable to women.
We hope everyone will also take just a moment to see what Gold’s Gym is really all about. You can visit Gold’s Gym Egypt Facebook page and Instagram to see our beliefs, which feature incredible people from around the world using determination, passion and inner strength to achieve incredible things.

We have been and we will be always backing women up, with support and encouragement.
We’re eager to hear your feedback, and we’re glad to know that Gold’s Gym Dreamland is no longer open to spread further negative propaganda.