In Egypt, new millennial dessert shops open by the day. And while we do enjoy their marvelous new sugary creations and all, we find ourselves craving sweets we loved since childhood.

So, we decided to make a list of all the “old school” dessert shops to remind you how good they were and how they managed to survive the test of time!


Founded in 1891, Groppi was and remains the most famed tearoom in Cairo. This place used to make chocolates to be given as gifts for foreign royalties. The Taalat Harb Groppi is now under renovations, but you could enjoy their classics at their Abdeen branch (they also have a great outdoor area).


This place has been around for more than 100 years. If this tells us anything, it would be how delicious and original their products are. But besides that, most of their branches have mini tables to enjoy your morning coffee, too!


Opened in 1922, the Alexandrian patisserie and bakery is still owned by the same original Greek family who opened it. Besides the desserts and baked goods, the place is now a full-on restaurant!


The moment you walk in, the smell will instantly remind you of your childhood. Since 1912, Tsepass still makes AMAZING patisseries and has now opened more than 10 branches around Cairo. Don’t miss out on their creamy cheesecake!


Trianon was founded in 1905, originally a Greek-owned patisserie and chocolatier next to Raml Station in Alexandria, best known for its fantastic desserts and Italian interiors!

A L’Americaine

Another Downtown favorite. The place is another extension of “Groppi” and was meant for serving bigger menu options. The prices still feel like the 90s were never gone!

Mandarine Koueider

Did you know that Koueider is originally Syrian? In 1928, a Syrian family from Damascus decided to open a place dedicated to oriental desserts. Their ice cream section remains unrivaled till this very day!

El Malky

Known for its dairy desserts, El Malky remains the go-to place whenever you feel like having a classic rice pudding or Creme Caramel. The very first branch opened over 100 years ago in the El Hussein district in Old Cairo.

We feel it’s important to support our original brands that we hope don’t close up anytime soon! So, which one’s your favorite?