Esaal Corona

As we live a currently quarantined existence in the throes of Coronavirus, it’s easy to understand just how panicked everyone is. The number of cases is increasing and seems quite worrisome and, at certain times, it seems like we don’t know enough to quell our worries.

However, uninformed fear and panic can cost us more than the virus will. In an effort to keep these worries at bay, Esaal is now offering their certified doctors’ consultation for free to answer any question you’ve ever had about Coronavirus.

An online consultancy portal operating in more than ten countries, Esaal already aims to connect users with the answers they seek to their questions and the help they need in whichever field they desire, through a user-friendly, chat-based tool that gives you personalized answers, fit for all users and any follow-up questions they may have.

Esaal specializes in granting easy, 24/7 access to their users to certified, credible experts in more than seventeen different fields, ensuring high responsive rates by continuously expanding its expert network.

While this is already a useful thing, considering Esaal is mostly aimed at all those who need information online, the expanding expert network means an increasing number of doctors available to answer any question and offer every advice they have to help you avoid the virus.

And the consultation isn’t a one-time thing, either. Esaal also offers you the chance to follow up with the expert you initially contacted and vice versa, if need be. A perfect solution to keep you safe and sound at home, while also answering your every question around the clock, in Arabic, English, and French.

Giving back to the community means doing what Esaal does best: keeping us informed. For more info, visit