Before you start reading anything, SPOILER ALERT, OBVIOUSLY!

The latest season of Game of Thrones started off extremely weak. Many blamed the leaking of the first 4 episodes for the slow start, others claimed it’s because they’re drifting from the book. This all, however, changed during the last 3 episodes. Almost everyone agrees that they were worth the whole series. As devastating as it was (RIP Jon Snow), it was by far the best and worst season finale.

As good as this season was, it left us with many unanswered questions, and since we can’t cheat with reading the book, we’ll have to wait 10 month to have them answered. Now we’re about to question the most important events that happened this season!

First things first, let’s talk about Petyr Baelish


He’s creepy, disturbing, confusing, and just…weird! That’s not the case though. Ever wondered how, this season, he’s jumping all around from Winterfell to Kings Landing without any extreme time changing?

We know that it takes 1 month from Winterfell to Kings Landing, according to Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon. He’s always been all over the place, but they never showed any timespan in previous seasons. This season, they did compare timing with other events.

Does this have a meaning, or is it just bad planning from the writers and productions?

How is Cersei’s walk of shame going to affect Kings Landing?


While we’re still talking about Kings Landing, what will happen to this place? People already hate the Lannisters, and after the “queen” making the walk of shame, it’ll defiantly get worse. We also haven’t been told if the trial would affect the kingdom in anyway.

Can the king’s very own mother be a “sinner?”

What happened to Sansa and Theon?

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The only thing we get from this plot line is that Reek is no longer there. Theon is back and he’s in control of his body. The last thing we see happening is him and Sansa jumping from the Castle wall. Logically, they’d die from the jump, but they haven’t shown them dying. We know this show way to well to know that if any character dies, they’ll show them slowly dying and make a sense, literally, out of it.

So are they dead or alive?

Is Stannis Baratheon finally done?


Is he officially out of the race of ruling the throne? If we learned anything from this show, it’s that we don’t trust anything we see. Now, we didn’t even see him dying.

So is he really dead?

236996Now the main question and it’s follow up. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JON SNOW?

We’ve seen him dying, but is he really dead? In the book, it closed with an open end saying that he got attacked, but never said if he got out of it or not! In the show, it is confirmed that he’s dead.

Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, confirmed that he won’t be returning. This, however, doesn’t do much with Jon’s fate. Many believe that Melisandre will do something about it, and that he’ll be taking over Ghost, his direwolf’s body.


It’s safe to say that this woman is the most hated character, after Olly – we all hate Olly now!! All we know is that she’s looking for Azor Ahai, and believed he was in Stannis Baratheon, but clearly changed her mind when she left him and went back to the wall. This caused many to believe that Jon Snow is the reborn, and she went back for him.

Since he’s killed, will she bring him back to life? Will she finally be the least hated character? Is Jon Snow coming back?


Last but not least, the Nightwatch vs. the Wildlings vs. The White Walkers


Jon Snow got the free folks to join the Nightwatch behind the wall so they could fight the White Walkers. Now since the Night watch killed Jon for letting the free folks in, will they still keep them around, or will they have a battle again? We haven’t seen any of the wildlings at the finale, but after what happened to them with the white walkers, if they have any battles, they will obviously lose!

What will happen to the Night watch and how will the wildlings react to Jon Snow’s death?


Guess we’ll have to wait 10 month to find out! Do you know any of these answers? Have any predictions? Have questions of your own? Feel free to add anything to our comments, and let’s debate about everything!