How to Get Over A Crush

So you’ve met a person, you’ve developed an interest in them, and now the roller-coaster of emotion is taking off…except you really don’t want it to take off, at least not now.

You may have a lot on your plate, you may have just come out of a relationship – whatever the case is, you just want to get rid of this pesky crush. And the faster you do that, the better.

Well, this is just your lucky day, isn’t it? See, we’ve found a few ways to help you get over any annoying crush.

Limit your texting

People get closer when they talk because talking will usually lead you to find a lot about a person. In this context, we can’t have that because knowing more about a person can make them more endearing to you.

So, to solve this, if you’re texting this person, gradually stop texting them and make up redundant excuses until all contact is cut off and you have time to rid yourself of your emotions.

Get some actual physical space from the person

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but if you think about it, that’s really not the case.

More often than not, the more time you spend not seeing a person, the less you think about them and consequently the less you care too. And to get over a crush, you’ll have to follow this rule to a tee.

Never mention them in conversations

Because you need to remove this person from your train of thought, you need to stop referring to them at all first.

We get that this might be hard, depending on just how deep this crush goes, but you can even get your friends involved by telling them to call you out whenever you mention that person.

Stay away from Rom-Coms and any romantic music

This one’s fairly weird but you’ll need to keep your distance from anything falling into the romantic genre because it will keep love and relationships on your mind and your crush will be multiplied by a thousand.

Keep their faults fresh in your mind

Okay, first of all, don’t answer this by saying the person you’re into has “no faults”. That’s just not realistic and you know it. And besides, this is for the best.

Once you keep every annoying thing about this person in the forefront of your mind, your crush will dwindle and disappear quicker than you’ll have thought possible.

Stage an imaginary fight in your head

At the risk of sounding utterly ridiculous, this method is kind of actually the perfect solution. See, whatever you do to try to rid yourself of a crush, there’s still a chance it will be a hit or miss.

However, if you skip ahead and imagine you and your crush fighting over petty things or some of their shady, unattractive opinions, trust us that attraction will fizzle out.

May these tips help you on your journey to romantic repulsion!