If there’s anything that gives most people the hibbie jibbies, it’s probably either clowns or dentists. Dentists are scary, and the process of getting dental help is usually painful. Recently, however, dental centers are becoming more popular and less scary than regular clinics.

Since we dedicate our lives to please our readers, we decided to put our big-boy pants and pay a visit to one of those fancy dental centers and see if there is an actual difference between them and regular clinics.

The chosen center: Shiny White.

Why it was chosen: Good reputation for the dental implant, which is what we mainly needed to be done. We also wanted to have teeth scaling and polishing, and since they are called shiny, it only made sense to try it there.

What happened when we went: We will be taking you through the process of what happened. Was it good? Did we have our teeth stolen? Read till the end to find out!

Shiny White

The Reservation:

The reservation was simply done through the phone, and we were given many appointments to choose from, and they were extremely flexible. We didn’t have to wait for 3 years to get an appointment like most clinics, which was a good first impression.

We are assuming this is due to the fact that according to their website, they have 200 staff, so it will not take forever to find one that would help us with our needs.

The Place:

Shiny White is currently located in three areas; Maadi, Nasr City, and Fifth Settlement, and we later learned that they will be opening soon in Sheikh Zayed. We ended up going to the Fifth Settlement branch.

The first thing we noticed as soon as we entered is the place is literally shiny and white. This was somewhat comforting and calming for the person who was about to get the dental implant and is in a total panic mode.

Shiny White

The Staff:

Contrary to popular belief, dentists turned out to be not scary. Obviously, the 200 staff weren’t all in the same branch at the same time, but there were a lot, and they all seemed friendly. But looks can be deceiving, we did not trust the dentists till we actually got treatment from them.

We’ll start with the big deal; the dental implant:

For those who are unaware of what dental implants are, dental implants are solutions for replacing a missing tooth without the need to prepare the neighboring teeth to create a bridge. According to statistics from Shiny White, they have the highest number of success with 98%.


So my co-worker went to get his new teeth on, and the process was a tad bit long, but that is due to the procedure, and not the center itself. The procedure was called “Sinus Lifting Procedure”.

First, they got a 3D x-ray, which was honestly pretty cool. But other than the cool factor, it was essential for deciding where the implants had to be placed. The specialized operator was helpful, calming, and explained the whole process while doing it, which was assuring.

Secondly, to add to the cool factor, they were given a virtual look for what their teeth would look like after the procedure, which was both cool and emotional because after years he was finally getting his smile fixed!

Thirdly, the team of dentists created the surgical guide using computers to provide the same angulation and position of the implant as planned without opening surgery. Yes, you guessed it, this was also pretty cool.


Now for the final part of the process, and the scary part; getting the implants actually implanted.

We will be honest, it looked scary and painful. With that said, my co-worker was prepared for the implant procedure using a pain-free approach. We were skeptical, but turned out you can actually have this done without feeling any pain!

Unlike most dentists, Shiny White used an advanced implant technology to ensure patients get the best results, with the least amount of pain – which was barely any pain according to the person who got it done.

The process itself involved cutting the gum tissue where your back teeth used to be. The tissue is raised, exposing the bone. A small, oval window is opened in the bone. The membrane lining the sinus on the other side of the window separates your sinus from your jaw. This membrane is gently pushed up and away from your jaw. Granules of bone-graft material are then packed into the space where the sinus was. The amount of bone used will vary, but usually several millimeters of bone is added above the jaw. Once the bone is in place, implants are placed in the same visit or after the grafted material has osseo integrated with the jaw bone.

We honestly copied that from their website, because our little, to none, dental knowledge made us have no idea what was happening. But the important part is, it was painless, and the results were impeccable. 

Results: Fixed teeth after years of giving up on them.

Now for the scaling and polishing:

For me, it was not an essential procedure but was needed for an ego boost. I wanted shinner teeth, and to generally have a cleanup, because who doesn’t want to have their teeth cleaned?


I have also received a 3D x-ray of my teeth, so they can have a better insight to identify pockets and affected teeth. Later, they used a special ultrasonic device used with the antimicrobial irrigation eliminates bacteria. This was futuristic and cool, but somewhat intimidating, HOWEVER, the whole process was also pain-free. Almost falling asleep during the process type of pain-free.

Results: Shiny white teeth!

The conclusion here; dentists are honestly not as scary as we used to think. Technology is evolving, and while things might be intimidated, and in some cases, expensive due to the amount of work done, they are honestly painless and worth every penny!

With that said, not all places have the technology we got lucky to try at Shiny White, so you better do your research before you get any dental work.