Green Flags

We’ve talked at lengths about toxic relationships, abuse that’s both emotional and/or physical, and the red flags and signs that you have to watch out for.

But did you know there are other signs and flags you have to watch out for? Ones that signal that the relationship you’re in is actually going right, giving the green light to continue? Well, we’ve got them all listed here!

He actually listens

Although being a good listener is always a must, whether the person we’re talking about is a friend or something more, it’s somewhat hard to find someone who actually does listen to what you’re saying.

If you happen to find someone like this, someone who listens for the sake of listening rather than listening just to respond or argue, please hold on to them.

He’s polite to waiters/other custom service workers

Yes, we live in a world where being rude and downright disrespectful to people providing you with a service is so common that finding someone who actually remembers their manners is a breath of fresh air.

They don’t have to be overly friendly either, just someone with a basic idea of what it means to be polite.

He knows how to apologize without guilt-tripping

Okay, so chances are you may get into a few arguments with someone you’re interested in, right? And chances are sometimes you’re wrong and you apologize and sometimes they’re wrong, but it’s really anything but an apology.

See, a disturbingly large amount of people never apologize and when they do they make it sound like they’re doing you a favor or that you’re making too big of a deal of this. So, if you find someone who actually knows how to apologize, that’s a sign that you’re good to go.

He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear

People make a lot of jokes about how dating is basically a man telling a woman what she wants to hear because that makes her happy. And, to be honest, if you happen to find someone like that you should be concerned.

Sure, that doesn’t necessarily count as a red flag but it’s not a green one either. Know what’s a green flag though? A person who tells you the truth when you need to hear it, no matter how harsh it is.

He remembers the little things

There’s a reason that you feel so inexplicably happy when someone remembers a tiny detail you once told them. The fact that they care enough about you to remember everything you tell them just makes you feel seen and, well, loved.

So, if you find this remembrance streak in any person you’re interested in, you better hold on to them. The extreme alternative is someone who doesn’t care enough to remember anything and that’s never a good thing.

He actually respects women

Okay, so this one may cause some weird looks but, sadly, there is kind of a shocking, un-dwindling number of men who don’t really respect women. Or at least pretend to be respectful and un-sexist until they get what they want.

If you happen to find a person who’s not a misogynist and actually believes in equality rather than act like they do, you’ve found a gem worth pursuing.

There are many more green flags but these are the ones that immediately come to mind. Do you have a few more we need to add?