Don’t fall to the misconception that likable people must have a specific trait that ultimately puts them at the top of anyone’s favorite people list. You have to be emotionally intelligent to know when, how and where to speak. Let your personality stand out the right way.

Below are 6 habits of likable people.

1. They Care Enough

Making it seem like you’re interested in a conversation is enough to increase your rating. It’s not enough to just listen to the person in front of you. You should show that you care about what they say rather than focusing on what you are going to say next.

2. They Are Genuine

It’s hard to find a genuine person nowadays; people always try to seem cool by minimizing others or making them seem worthless in comparison. Genuine people can be spotted from a mile away. It’s those who don’t talk smack behind other people’s backs, those who aren’t mean, fake or shallow. It’s a vibe you get, and vibes don’t lie.

3. It’s Not Me! Me! Me!

Likable people are very confident in their skin. It’s not about seeking attention; it’s about speaking in a clear concise and articulate manner. They don’t need to dominate every conversation, because they know what to say and when to say it. They are naturally charismatic.

4. Consistency 

Much like the opposite of dramatic. Likable people are those who are able to hide personal problems from the public. You would absolutely have no idea if that person is having a hard time or not. Likable people are consistent in the way they deal with people no matter where their mood takes them.

5. Body Language

Body language is the first thing we notice in a person. Body language can come off as either defensive or friendly. Leaning towards the person they’re speaking to and maintaining eye contact show a form of respect. Positive body language and respecting the person in front of them will ultimately draw people in.

6. Failure Is A Not A Downfall 

Likable people are generally positive no matter what; people admire those who don’t wallow in self-pity. Likable people are so confident that they use failure as an opportunity to learn. They make it seem like failure is just part of the plan. Appreciation is the key.

If you want to be likable, you need to be approachable. It’s not just about positivity as much as it’s about self-confidence. Likable people don’t wait for people’s approval, they know how to make a good first-impression and that sets the tone to how people should/will deal with you later on.