The married life is not an easy ride. Sharing your life, days and dreams with a single person for the rest of your life can’t possibly be easy. When we were young, we would wonder how our parents could do it. We would look at our parents driving each other crazy, and we would think how can someone choose to do that? How can a person choose to share his or her life with a person who drives them crazy most of the time? Now as we grew older, we realize that love conquers all. That yes, a husband and his wife are bound to get on each other’s nerves from time to time, but at the end of the day, there is nothing better than sharing your life with a person who would be there for you, even when you are not very lovable. That being said, we hereby bring you a list of habits wives hate about their husbands, yet choose to overlook out of love.

1. Hogging the TV remote

We don’t know how or why, but most men deliberately choose to cling on to the remote and keep switching between channels. That drives women crazy since watching TV should be a fun activity that both the husband and his wife should spend time enjoying, not fighting over never getting to watch 5 minutes of whatever that movie was.

2. Binge watching movies and series on the couch all weekend

As women, we do understand that our husbands come home tired after working hard all week to provide for us, but in no way does that give men an excuse to sit on the couch the entire weekend and binge eat their favorite foods. Women expect men to make time for them, and while that can’t happen during working days, women consider the weekend to be the time when their husbands should pamper them and take them out on romantic dates.

3. Constantly comparing their lives and homes with that of their mothers’

There is nothing in this world that women hate more than having their husbands constantly complain about how things would have been if they were still living with their mothers. A new life with your wife has just started, and if our husbands expect it to go as the ones they had shared with their mothers, then they misunderstood what marriage is all about.

4. Being unorganized

More often than not, we listen to women complain about how their husbands never take back the towel to the bathroom after they have showered for instance. And while that might seem like a trivial thing, it is important to acknowledge that it’s not. Just as men work, women do too, and it’s not fair for men to expect their wives to tidy up the house after them once they get back home exhausted and tired from work.

5. How they constantly say that they will help, but never do

While the Egyptian society likes to picture men as villains who don’t contribute in house chores, that is not true, men do offer to help. Actually according to what some women have said, offering to help is all that men do. The help never gets delivered though, since the moment women ask their husbands to do something, men choose to procrastinate doing it until the wife eventually gives up and does it herself.

6. Refusing to say what’s bothering them even when it is obvious

Men have a habit of going back home with a really bad mood because of problems at work, and more often than not, they refuse to share these problems with their wives out of fear that they would burden them with their troubles. However, this doesn’t usually end well, because women end up getting frustrated at how they are unable to help their husbands overcome whatever it is that’s bothering them.

7. Checking out other women

No matter how many times some men swear that they don’t check out other women, they do, and the worst part is, contrary to men’s belief, they are not really good at hiding it. Many wives catch their husbands checking out other women in cafes and restaurants. And while men might think that it’s no big deal since they already chose to be with the women they love, women still go nuts when they catch their husbands looking at other girls, no matter how self confident and beautiful they are.

8. Not paying enough attention to the kids

Some men rarely pay attention to their children. They regard it as a woman’s job. That drives women really mad since they want their husbands to be more involved with their kids, and by involved they don’t mean buying them food and asking about their grades, but paying more attention and noticing their children’s day to day activities.

9. Their obsession with video games

In this day and age, if you ask a woman about what she hates the most in her husband, she would probably say that “He’s always playing video games.” Sadly, this is a phenomenon that has increased during the past decade due to the huge advances in technology, and wives, as always, are the ones to pay the price.

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that even the best of marriages will occasionally get bogged down by these annoying habits. However, the key is to remember that whatever it is that’s bothering you or making you dislike your husband can always be fixed, if you two love each other enough and are willing to work things out and make compromises.