It’s Sahel season, and like every year all the places compete for being the talk of the town. Even though we’re still in the middle of the season, we already know who the winner is. You probably guessed it, Hacienda Bay is one of the hottest places to go this summer. The places to be are usually the ones with the biggest parties, so this is it.

What makes Hacienda Bay unique and deserving of the “hottest spot” title? It has everything! And by everything, we really mean everything. Whatever you might be interested in, you’ll find something you’ll like there!

The Foodies

At the Lake Yard by Hacienda Bay, there are all types of restaurants you could ever want to spoil your taste buds at. From Egyptian, to Italian, to Lebanese, to Mexican, to Asian cuisines, as well as bakeries, and even cafes.

The Beach Bums


Stay true to the beach bum in you and relax on the water the way you were meant to, in a hammock. We did say Hacienda Bay has everything, didn’t we? That includes a hammock zone. The scene can become picture perfect by adding a cool, tropical drink from Formulla Onderful Beautiful Drinks. You can’t miss out on drinking tangy fresh pineapple juice served in the pineapple fruit.

The Fashionistas

If you’re a fashion addict who has to shop, even when you’re on vacation, you’ll find yourself a fashion heaven at the Lake View. With up to 12 fashion boutiques, mostly for local designers and eye wear, you’ll find all your beach wear needs, as well as nightlife attire. So you don’t need to take all your clothes with you while traveling, you can simply shop there.

The Book Worms


Did you know Hacienda Bay has a library on the beach? No more excuses for you bookworms that the beach is not your scene, now you can check out a book from the Readers and enjoy the fast-moving plots while staying warm in the sunshine.

The Dog People

If you have your pet vacationing with you, you don’t have to worry about bringing all your dog supplies with you. EGY Puppy has a branch there and they’ll serve all your puppy needs. As for cat people, we’ll just have to wait for EGY kitties.

The Instagramers


Yes, they did not forget you! There is plenty of Instagramable material for all the Instagramers there. With all the provided props and the amazing backgrounds, it’s every selfie addict’s dream!

The Mamas


Thought you couldn’t enjoy the beach after becoming a mom? Think again! RC For Kids’ Entertainment are on the beach, and they’ll take full care of your kids.

The Sport Freaks


Get your formet el sahel on point, and go work out with Train for Aim. Or you could never leave the beach (that is probably the main reason you went in the first place) and get your work out by playing a round of beach tennis or taking a ride on a beach bicycle with special wheels made just for the sand!

The Property Owners

If you ever planned on buying a new villa in Sahel, we could guarantee that you won’t have a better option than the Water Villas by Hacienda Bay. We won’t talk much about that because have you seen the view? It speaks for itself!

The Home-ies

If you just bought a new house in Sahel, or simply like to decorate your beach house every once in a while, you’ll find all your furniture needs there. With 7 high-end Furniture & Home Accessories shops, you might literally shop until you drop.