A perfect wedding entails a gorgeous hairstyle and a beautiful face, which makes picking the right hair salon and make up artist two essential ingredients of any successful wedding. And to save you from the wedding hassle, we hereby present you with the best hairstylists/ make-up artists in Egypt!

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Hair Salons

Toi Beauty Salon

Purity is in the heart of everything that Toi does. So if you’re looking for an angelic bridal look, Toi Beauty Salon is the one for you!

Al Sagheer Salons

We don’t really need to say much, But Al Sagheer Salon’s fine reputation already precedes them. They are one of the most established beauty empires in Egypt, and brides have been choosing them since forever for what they call the most professional results on their wedding day.

Kriss Beauty Salons

It’s no secret that Kriss Beauty Salons are one of the most successful hair salons in Egypt, thanks to their insanely wide range of hairstyling and care services. So if you’re looking for a one of a kind hairstyle on your wedding day, you know where to go!

La Coupe

La Coupe Salons, who’ve been operating in Egypt for a while now, have been on top of their game when it comes to bridal services. They will offer you the flawless bridal look you’ve always dreamed of on your wedding day.

Makeup Artists

Soha Khoury

Soha is currently one of the top players in the Egyptian make-up industry and has worked with famous stars like Nelly Karim, Arwa Gouda and Ghada Adel.

Sally Rashid

Though, new to the field, Sally Rashid has already left her print in the make-up industry. With the right tools, she can turn any bride into a Hollywood star.

Fatma Bahgat

One of the most predominant ladies in the make-up industry in Egypt today, Fatma Bahgat is especially known for her ability to work her magic on beautiful brides. Her make- up style is perfect for those brides who opt for a simple look.

Kiki Ismail

Known for his amazing skills, Ahmed Ismail, aka Kiki Ismail, has worked with international celebrities like model Cara Delevingne and fashion designer Stella McCartney. This undoubtedly makes him the best candidate for your wedding night fiesta!

Laila Adel

Being one of the most talented make-up artists, Laila Adel is known for her ability to keep up with the latests trends. She participates in many shows and makes it a point to follow up with top make-up artists around the world. So if you are looking for a trendy bride look, you know who to call.

Remember to book your appointments an ample amount of time ahead of your wedding day! You don’t want to miss out on the best make-up artists or hair salons just because you didn’t make a phone call a few months earlier.