hairstyle names

World wide, hairstyles are crucial, vital things when it comes to looks and appearances! Here in Egypt things are no different. In fact, we take hairstyles to a whole new level. We even like to ndala3 el hairstyles and give them cool names.

Below are 7 hairstyle names only Egyptians use: 

1. Zalabata 

What is ‘zalabata‘? Or how is zalabata like, we don’t know exactly. But it is well known that when you shave your head bald, they’ll say “da 7ala2 zalabata”. 

2. Ka7ka 

The bun is called ‘Ka7ka‘. Ma3roufa. Though it doesn’t look like one bas howa keda. 

3. Mozambelih 

The favorite hairstyle of any Egyptian hairdresser assil!

4. Mesabseb 

No matter how hard I tried to trace the word, I came out empty handed. Is that even a noun or a verb?

5. 2otetin 

Tab fein el 2 cats fil mawdoo3?

6. Megalgel 

As Ahmed Hemly sang “El Gel aho eshtaka mn sha3ri!”

7. Sabayki 

It used to be “Spiky” abl el hadsa!