happiest moments

There are these moments where you are happy, and there are these moments where you are the happiest. Every girl around the globe, whether she admits it or not, has these moments as the happiest moments of her life. Maybe right now she doesn’t realize the importance of every single one of them, but later on, when she is old and grey, she’ll appreciate every bit of it.

Appreciate the following moments and try to capture them in million ways. 

#1: School Graduation


The moment you are wearing the cap and gown and hearing your name to come and take your diploma is just priceless. It is directly followed by the feelings of being totally lost but who cares, just enjoy the moment!

#2: When She Hears ‘I Love You’ From the Right Person


When you hear those words from the guy you absolutely love, you’ll feel like the whole world is trembling and that butterflies are literally living in your stomach. Cherish that, because you’ll want to feel the proximity of the first ‘I love you’ later!

#3: When He Puts a Ring on It


Whether he, not him of course, does it in an old-fashioned way or tries to be a little bit more creative, this moment will always be a priceless one that you’ll keep telling your kids about when you grow older.

#4: Getting Accepted into Her Dream Job

Applying for your dream job and getting accepted has this magical feeling of ultimate happiness because you’re achieving what most people thought you couldn’t do!

#5: The First Salary of the Very First Job


Regardless of the amount of money you are receiving, it feels great to earn your own money. Most girls are being told that they’ll always be dependent on their dads/husbands, but that ain’t true ma chica!

#6: Rocking That White Dress


Even if you are a career oriented kind of lady, you’ll fall in love with every second of your white dress, unless you have to take it off to pee hehehe.

#7: The Moment She Knows She is Pregnant


Even if she is not fond of the idea of having a baby at the moment, knowing that you have a life inside of you is tremendous.

#8: Even Better, When She Knows the Baby’s Gender


Whether it’s a boy or a girl, believe me, you’ll fall head over heels for this lucky newborn.

#9: The First Time She Holds Her Baby

This feeling of holding your newborn for the very first time is indescribable. Your heart skipping beats is just an understatement. All those tiny fingers, hands and feet are totally yours.

#10: When She Relives Every Single Moment of These With Her Kids

A long time from now, you’ll be the happiest to relive all those moments with your kids and your grandkids, if you are lucky enough!

Enjoy every moment of these and don’t let the small details ruin them because you’ll remember them forever.