In such cold and stressful days, you can find depression knocking many doors. But as Alexandrians, we should never surrender! Our beautiful cozy city is always there for us to help pull us out of the worst moods. Why don’t you too have a short break and enjoy Alexandria for a day? Make sure not to miss out on the following to fully appreciate its glamour:

The perfect combination of coffee and sea view

Forget about your everyday coffee gulped hastily at home. Enjoy your coffee in front of the sea at one of the countless cafés or simply park your car opposite the sea and savor it peacefully for 10 minutes.

Malahi el Ma3moura

Let’s reminisce on the most memorable childhood days and pay our favorite attraction park a visit for a change.

Montaza for relaxation

Want to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle? Montaza is always the right place to head to even in this freezing weather.

Have a real aklet samak at Samakmak

SEA FOOD!! Alexandria is well-renowned for its scrumptious seafood; Samakmak will never disappoint you.

Nutellopia for a fulfilling dessert 

To keep up with life’s fast pace, you need energy. And to overcome stress, you need Nutella! Heading to our favorite Nutella bar in town can be the perfect mood boosting experience.
Friday mornings on Corniche

Have a refreshing active Friday morning by joining one of the many activities that take place on Corniche. Running, cycling, scooter or motorcycle riding with a large group of people is a unique kind of fun.

McDonald’s Smouha

Why not meet up with your friends and head to McDonald’s Smouha for a change? The old childhood memories will promptly come flashing by. You can always sneak to the big slide and relive your days as a 5 year old.

Bowling in Masra7 el Salam

Enough with the luxurious cafés and restaurants; go play bowling in Masra7 el Salam for the sake of novelty. It won’t be too “Yuki” for you!
Karamantas Green Plaza
You’re never too old for Karamantas! The trampoline and go carts will certainly make your day!

Now, go and enjoy Alexandria for a day!