Mothering is an everyday non-stop job for 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. Just imagine how much your mom would earn if this was a paid career, with the value of a mom! This month is a great chance to show her how much you appreciate what she does for all the family. Spoil your mother and make her feel extra special with these gift ideas.

Photo Necklace

Nothing beats a gift with a personal touch. For a gift that will last a lifetime, place a beautiful photo capturing a special moment in a necklace as a keepsake. She’ll definitely appreciate this one and keep it close to her heart.

Decorative Wall Art

Use your mother’s favourite family photo with her favourite inspirational quotes from movies, books or songs to get this gift done. Create her a decorative wall art with the previous items in her bedroom or the living room. You can also make her a portrait to be added to the special wall.

Customized Wooden Frame

Choose a nice photo with you and your mom, or with the whole family, alongside with an inspirational from-the-heart message to show her how grateful you are for her role in your life. Customize a wood frame with the previous and see how touched she’ll be by this gesture.

Mommy Survival Kit Jar

Fill a cookie jar with tiny goodies such as lipsticks, nail polishes, lip balms, breath mints, hand lotions, body creams, etc. to make up for all the times you gave her a hard time and it was so difficult for her to enjoy some self-care. She’ll be using this gift for a very long time and will remember you every time she does.

Customized Family Canvas

If your mom is the artistic type, she’ll adore this one. Have a personalized and elegant piece of art with a classic canvas print. Using a black and white picture or a childhood photo will give the art piece a timeless feeling.

Recipes Collection

Collect the best recipes from your family, your friends or get them from the internet. Get an easy to use recipe ring, gather and attach the collected recipes and gift it to your mom. You can also have many categories such as entrees, soups, main dishes and desserts.

Bookends and Books

If your mom is the bookworm type, you know that this will be the right present to offer her. And because nothing makes book lovers more happy than anything related to reading, get her some fun looking bookends to spice up her bookshelf. You can also get her a newly released book that you know she’ll like.


Let’s make this month an unforgettable one for the most precious ones in our lives.