Mechanical engineering students from Helwan University check the air-powered vehicle that they have designed to promote clean energy and battle increasing gas prices, in Cairo, Egypt August 7, 2018. Picture taken August 7, 2018. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

A group of Helwan University undergraduate students has successfully brought a car that runs on nothing but AIR to life! It aims for promoting clean and cheap -in other words, zero cost- energy.

They designed a Go Kart-lookalike prototype that seems to be the NEXT BIG THING!


How far did the ‘Car that runs on air’ strike?

They started working on this idea for their graduation project and it definitely took them days and nights of hard work and research, So here’s what they reached so far:

  • -They claim their prototype vehicle can hit 40 kilometres (25 mph) an hour and last 30 kilometres (19 miles) before needing to come up for more air.
  • -They believe they can modify the vehicle until it reaches 100km/hr (62 mph) and run for 100 kilometers (62 miles) with future prototypes.
  • -It costs (DRUMROLLS) roughly 18,000 EGP, which translates to around a thousand US dollars.

What’s their next move?

They are currently working on fundraising so they can actually bring it to life and start their mass production.
Who knows, they might have actually created the long awaited solution for the transportation-driven pollution and high costs!