Konafa in Egypt

Konafa may seem like a seasonal dessert, only served during Ramadan with the good TV shows, but that’s a sad stereotype that has become popular. You can get konafa at any time of year, if you just visit these spots.

Kunafa 3al Fahm

Specializing in charcoal-grilled desserts, Kunafa 3al Fahm is a steady favorite for many Nasr City, Heliopolis, and Mohandessin residents.

We recommend you try their konafa with cheese and honey, you won’t regret it.


Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason and Simonds proves that speculation. Their oriental desserts are already something we all know we can depend on, which goes for the konafa as well.

Kunafa Bakery

Available in Nasr City, Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, Shoubra, and Ma’adi, Kunafa Bakery is dedicating its resources to perfect konafa in every way it can.

We recommend the banana cream konafa as well as bein-nareen nabulsi konafa.

La Poire

Every Ramadan, we wait for La Poire to come up with the most eclectic konafa inventions so much so it’s becoming a tradition. Well, we don’t have to wait until Ramadan, you know.

Your nearest La Poire branch is always waiting for you with some good konafa mixes.

El-Negma El-Nabulseya

Any October and Zayed resident knows that if you want some cheesy, mouthwatering nabulsi konafa, you’ll have to pass by El-Negma El-Nabulseya.

Other than the konafa, El-Negma is also a good spot for ice-cream and oriental sweets, though its best product is written in its brand name.

We’d advise you to get some mint tea with your konafa order, but for this dessert, any beverage will work.