Egyptian Movies

It’s true that the Egyptian movies coming to our movie theaters this Eid Al-Adha are all very promising. From Ahmed Helmy to Ahmed Ezz and Kareem Abdel Aziz; so many big names are involved.

However, we almost had an exceptional season of Eid movies if it wasn’t for the ones that, unfortunately, quit the race before it even started.
Here are the FOUR Egyptian movies that almost made it to our big screens this Eid, but ended up postponing the release dates:

#1 El-Felous

Everybody was literally anticipating this movie like crazy!

Rumors were flying around about the name and release date. Initially, some said that it’s titled “Kol Sana Wenta Tayeb“, and that it was going to make it to Eid screens.

However, Tamer Hosny actually just posted the movie’s first ever trailer with the new and unexpected title “El-Felous“. Starring Zeina and Khaled El-Sawy and directed by Saeed El-Marouk; it is based on the story written by the main character in the movie, of course, Tamer Hosny.

#2 King Size

Well, it’s been a long time since the famous Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy had released a film. – And by a long time we mean two years -. It’s just that we really want to see more of the actor; and let’s be honest, “3antar Ibn Ibn Ibn Shadad wasn’t exactly a hit.

Which is why we’re really anticipating this one in hopes that it turns out like most of his other movies. “King Size” is based on the tale of “Little Tom Thumb“, written by Omar Taher and directed by Islam Khairy.

So far, we don’t know much about the plot line nor the cast!

#3 Les Baghdad

We were actually promised more than once that this movie was going to make it in time for Eid Al-Adha 2019. However, just like the rest on this list, it pulled out for unknown reasons. – which mostly go back to either shooting stoppage or post production and technicality issues

Egyptian Movies

But if anything, that’s actually making us more excited about the release. Not just because it’s starring Mohamed Emam, but the actor also announced on his Instagram account a couple of months back that he’ll be joined by Amina Khalil, Fathi Abdelwahab and Yasmine Raees.

The action/comedy movie is written by Tamer Ibrahim and is directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

#4 El-Oda El-Dalma El-Soghayara

We asked for it, and he made it happen!

A lot of people actually love Akram Hosny so much that they wanted to see him in a standalone film, for the first time. Especially since Ramadan 2018’s hit series “El-Waseya”. And we’ve only ever seen him on the big screen alongside some other big names in a few comedies like “El-Badla” and “Bank El-7az“.

So basically, it’s his time to shine!
The film is starring Nour and Bayoumi Fouad. Written by Kareem Hassan Beshir and directed by Mohamed Samy.

We are yet to have any information about the release dates and exact plot lines of those ‘Eid Rejects‘, but most sources hint to either the very end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. We’ll definitely keep you posted.
Anyway, what we’re completely sure of is that we already can’t contain our excitement!