Gouna Film Festival

Every festival season, the eyes and ears are all but solely focused on the women. Why would they not? With their dazzling dresses and impeccable fashion, they’re something to behold. However, the men weren’t silent this year. They’ve come to slay too.

Karim Kassem

Who says suits have to be boring? Well, it’s not Karim Kassem. No, this actor showed us two suits, both just as perfect.

Through the fit and the changing colors, Kassem remains one of the most noticeable stars on the red carpet. Then again, you can never go wrong with Hugo Boss.

Ahmed Hatem

Ahmed Hatem decided to take us back to our Egyptian roots through his Concrete fits and you know what? It worked.

Smart, sharp-looking, and elegant, Hatem proofs that local labels can compete with internationals in a snap.

Notably, the shawl lapels and the small chain bring out a bit of a nostalgic air that serves to enhance the look on the right.

Samih Sawiris

White suits and the summer are a never-ending love story and Samih Sawiris isn’t a stranger to that fact.

Honestly, this look suits him as well as the general summery ball vibe and let’s face it, he looks just dapper.

Mena Massoud

Another man who’s into his lapels, Mena Massoud didn’t only capture ears with his speech. He had also captured our eyes with one of the sharpest suit present on the opening ceremony’s red carpet.

The fit as well as the tie and the colors all serve to paint the big picture. Dr. Zhivago, anyone?

Hassan El-Raddad

Hassan El-Raddad woke up that second day of Gouna Film Fesitval and decided he was going to wow the masses.

Through the snug fit and the color coding and, yes, that vest, El-Raddad has pretty much achieved what he’d desired. The patterns also finish up the look in an interesting twist. Who said grey is always boring?


A comedian walks onto a red carpet and is immediately recognized as one of the best dressed men out there. This isn’t a joke; this is Chico’s reality.

This look is made all the more interesting because, although a classic, it was one of a kind on the red carpet.

Khalid Anwar

Spotted in an interesting navy suit, Khalid Anwar is proof that you don’t have to stick to the typical colors to shine.

These dashing suit and bow-tie pop, complementing Anwar’s tone, made the actor stand out in the best of ways.

Sherif Mounir

Some things truly just get better with age and Sherif Mounir is proof.

There’s something else that’s more interesting than the peak lapels and the chain in this suit. The color! A calm green that suits Mounir and suits the event more.

Nicolas Mouawad

A list like this will not be complete without Nicolas Mouawad who dazzled us over the past two days with his varied taste in suits, styled by Islam Metwali and Nada Hussam.

In the opening, he kept things simple but chic with a classic staple. Then, he decided to show us what the Gouna fun was all about with a look so summery and effortless we could hear the waves calling.

We cannot forget the efforts of the stylists, who made sure we the viewers will get the best fashion can offer at the GFF.