Yesterday, word about a new airport kiosk called “Al-Shaimaa” started circulating social media.

The kiosk, or rather series of kiosks, are located opposite Arrival Hall number 3, the thing which sparked quite a debate among Facebook users, especially after some Facebook page posted the news opening the topic for discussion in the comments.

Some were all for it, and some was completely against it. 

People’s Reactions Pt.1


A lot of people didn’t seem to care about the name, layout or interiors of the store.

While a lot didn’t agree with its location, seeing how it will be the first thing people arriving to Cairo will lay eyes on and how it doesn’t represent the best welcoming image.


On the other hand, a lot were very excited to finally have a place where they can buy snacks at the airport.

A lot agreed that it was essential and overdue since arrival halls are closed to those expecting or waiting for passengers at the airport. Therefore, they can’t use the indoors cafeteria.

And some didn’t seem to see the problem with it altogether.

What happened to “Al- Shaimaa”?

Soon after, very soon after, the Ministry of Civil Aviation released an official press release through their Facebook page regarding the topic.

The ministry’s official release stated that yesterday afternoon, the minister of Civil Aviation, Younes EL-Masry made a surprise tour around Cairo international Airport to check on the operations and work flow.

It said that he also paid a visit to the newly instated electric entrance and exit gates, during which he asked to shut down the the newly opened cafeterias in front of Arrival Hall number 3, referring to ‘Al-Shaimaa’ kiosks.

He reportedly justified his decision that these cafeterias (kiosks) do not suit the overall look of Cairo International Airport, and do not match the history and legacy of Egypt’s first gate.

People’s Reactions Pt.2

Just like opening the kiosk caused a fuss, shutting it down caused just as big of a fuss. In the comments section of the post where the ministry released its official statement, a heated argument was sparked between those who supported the decision and those who didn’t.

Some were thankful to the minister for taking this step…

While others were distraught for wasting all the work and money put into it and heartbroken for the people who lost their jobs due to this decision…

At the end, we all want Egypt and its largest and main airport to give the best first impression of the country.

And while the thought behind a having cafeteria that provides snacks to airport visitors is, indeed, plausible, the execution of the idea did not exactly compliment the overall image of Cairo International Airport.

However, it is still not fair for all the hard work and money put into this project to just go to waste. So the question is, why was it executed that way in the first place? And why did we wait until the opening of several other stores to realize that it doesn’t actually work? That is really what doesn’t make sense the most.