A long summer awaits us, and a lot of people are taking off to our generation’s favorite sanctuary; Dahab.

Which is great, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, if not the whole world.

But because it has become a favorite to a lot of people over the past couple of years, like A LOT, over time it started to develop a set of cliches that -for some reason- only applies to Dahab.

So if you are planning to escape to Dahab this vacation and by any chance would like to not feel and look like a walking cliche, here are the most common Dahab cliches you have to look out for:

1. Dahab Pants

No surprise there, been to Dahab or not, odds are you probably already, seen and worn the ‘Dahab pants’. But on the off chance that you haven’t, Dahab pants are the baggy bohemian-like harem pants that kind of resemble Aladdin’s pants.


Even though these pants belong to a legit fashion style, they have become so Dahab-related that when people are seen wearing them in Cairo, they get kind of get judged for wearing them ‘out of place’.

2. The Hippie Bracelets/Anklets

Because a lot of people make and sell the colorful hippie friendship bracelets there, and you could basically find some at every corner, they became associated with the ‘Sinai mood’, especially Dahab.

Source: Bracelet dahab store
Source: Bracelet dahab store

And as cute as they are, wearing 20 of them on each wrist and ankle could me a bit too ‘Dahab’ too handle.

3. Yalla Bar & Restaurant

Yalla Bar is awesome, and a Dahab classic, no disagreement there. It is one of the very first establishments in the city, and everyone feels right at home there.

But because EVERYONE loves it, everyone goes there. So it turned from the low-key place where we all go to relax, to somewhere we can’t even find a place to stand. Yet, we still go!

So just a friendly reminder: It is NOT the only bar in Dahab anymore!

4. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks is one my personal favorite hairstyles ever. But for the life of me I can never understand the relationship between dreadlocks and Dahab.

One is a culturally-inspired hairstyle, and the other is a touristic beach destination not even remotely related to the said culture!

I get it, Dahab brings out the bohemian hippie in all of us, but this is Sinai, it ain’t Jamaica!

5. Going Barefoot, EVERYWHERE

Because of its stunning nature, Dahab brings out the nature lover in people. And to a lot of them, that means going barefoot! Not to the beach, no no, EVERYWHERE!

I mean vacation mood is great and all, but if that’s not something you would do in Cairo, maybe you shouldn’t do it in Dahab either! Remember, they’re the SAME FEET, do we dare trust them?

6. The ‘Why Not?’ Picture

Something literally everyone who visits Dahab does is, post an Instagram shot in front of ‘Why Not?’ Shop.

Quite understandable seeing how it is an awesome background for an awesome IG shop, which is why it became a trend, like THREE YEARS AGO!

So as awesome as it is, maybe it is time to find another background for a gorgeous vacation shot, shouldn’t be too hard seeing how this city is an all around breathtaking gem!

Here you go, folks! Your guide to a cliche-free Dahab trip.

But hey, if those classics are too close to your heart to give up (and how could they not), then by all means, wear the pants, rock the dreads, and dance the night away at Yalla!

All that matters is that you spend a good enough vacation to get you through till the next one.