If you ask me, girls have this ultimate unique love story with their dads that no one can ever understand. It is like a magical bond that is strong, tight and unearthly. It is true that every girl’s first true love is the one she feels for her father, and none can ever compare to the greatness of this love.

If you haven’t experienced such love, then you haven’t truly lived, because my dad is truly my superhero and here is why.

#1: You’ll Always Be his Little Princess

Even if you grow old and have a family of your own, he’ll always see you as his little princess. Pampering you all day long is one of the job descriptions of every dad around the world. If you’d like to go on a trip and your mum is against it, you know that you can turn that around by seeking your daddy’s help. Been there, done that!

#2: He is THE Most Caring Person You’ll Ever Meet

Not a single human being will be as caring to you as your dad. Your dad will be there when you truly need a shoulder to lean on. He’ll be there when you have a tough day at school, or even when you fight with one of your friends. Dads wouldn’t even be able to see their little girls cry or feel hurt without doing something about it. And eventually, you’ll find yourself with either a bag full of candy or a gift just to make you feel better about your day.

#3: He Works Hard for You

Most of our dads have really tough jobs. Some spend hours and hours at work, some work remotely visiting a number of cities or even countries and others barely sleep. He is working so hard so that he would be able to provide you with all your needs and even more than that. He doesn’t mind compromising on sleep, saving up money or choosing a less exhausting job just to make you feel happy.

#4: Jealousy is out of Love

It is true that dads get extremely jealous over their girls, but this is because they see them as precious pearls that only the worthy ‘might’ deserve. Once you meet the person you want to spend your life with, your dad will do his own research as if he is part of the FBI, because he wants to make sure that you are with the best person out there.

#5: He’ll Make You Feel Safe


This feeling of ultimate safety is only felt between your dad’s arms. How many times have you felt broken and scared of this world, and when just you hugged your dad, everything else fell into place, as if nothing went wrong?

#6: He’ll Always Encourage and Support You

Your dad will always want to see the best version of you no matter what happens. He’ll encourage you to work harder, help you by supplying you with enough resources just to see you reach your goals and dreams. He wouldn’t envy you for having a better job, salary or even life, unlike other people. If you have this crazy thought, he’ll back you up 100%, because this is how dads rock.

#7: Your Fixing Machine

If anything you own broke down, starting from your watch till your car, you know what to do. Your dad will fix anything, no matter how hard or easy it might seem. He’ll go to the moon and back to have your car fixed and after that, he’ll probably get it cleaned, just for his baby girl.

#8: He’ll Help You Understand Your Own Worth

He will never let you settle for less than what you deserve. All throughout the years, he’ll feed your brain with thoughts that help you understand your own worth; how beautiful and smart you are.

Dads are the greatest; all they want in life is to see their little girls happy. Your dad wants to see you as the happiest person alive and he will do whatever it takes just to keep it that way. Thank God for one of the biggest blessings in life, which is having your dad around, because life would never be the same.

PS. I love you Dad