Amr Wahba


On July 17th, Egyptian actor Amr Wahba posted a series of really comical Instagram stories and posts. And the reason they went went viral will basically melt your hearts. 

The reason Wahba bombarded everyone with those posts is that it was the wedding day of one of his best friends, Mai Ibrahim – if you haven’t already noticed that your timelines were full of her wedding pictures -.

Ibrahim is Wahba’s fellow Radio Presenter in NRJ. And is a social media influencer who usually puts out funny video content. And the reason why her wedding photos went viral is the sweet love story everyone was following on social media for so long.

Amr Wahba

However, what really caught our attention about all of that is how not only do we think everybody needs a best friend like Amr Wahba, but we’re also pretty much going to be him in our closest friend’s wedding!

Wahba started by posting a sweet picture of the lovely couple all dressed up and he has written a note for them not to start the “Exchanging Straws” part of the wedding before he arrives. We died at that one!

Amr Wahba

Then, he bombarded us with some incredible Live Photos of Mai and her husband Omar dancing while he makes fun of them in the sweetest way! After that, he cracked us up by pointing out that he’s on the safe side because Mai caught him; which means he can now leave the wedding.

Amr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr Wahba

We also died at how he got upset when he discovered they’re skipping the “Exchanging straws and forks” part. Not to mention how he was basically glued to the couple for the night.

Amr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr WahbaAmr Wahba

What’s even funnier is that after the wedding ended, Wahba posted two final stories and posts about how he’s spending the night with the newly weds. And even tagged the couple to wake them up in order to go swim!

Amr WahbaAmr Wahba

Obviously, we know that Wahba was joking the whole time. But we can’t help but see ourselves behaving the same way – and maybe worse – in our best friend’s wedding!
Which is why everybody needs a best friend like Amr Wahba in their lives. Someone who’s funny and loves you too much to leave you to your husband on your wedding!