Hitting Rock Bottom

We’ve all been there. Nothing is really going your way and trouble’s grabbing you at every end. This time is a bit different, though, because you can tell it’s not ending anytime soon. Rock bottom is your life now.

But, is it, really?

How Can You Know You’re In Rock Bottom?

Although rock bottom is the worst spot you can be in, it isn’t an exact science. It’s different for everyone. So, how do you know you’re there?

Well, it’s no exaggeration to say it’s the scariest, darkest place a person can find themselves in. You’re living every time you’ve felt things couldn’t get any worse and it feels real this time.

Basically, you’re at the end of your rope. Hitting that point doesn’t spell out the end for you, though.

There are many methods of dragging yourself back out. None more reliable than the five stages of grief โ€”denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Don’t Leave Room For Denial, Be Critical

The more horrible things are, the more we try to deny the truth. It’s basic human nature. We tend to turn a blind eye when we don’t want to confront our realities, especially when it’s something that takes great effort.

At this point in life, you can’t self-deceive any longer. You must confront yourself and your choices, no matter how painful it is to revisit them.

Anger Is Cleansing but Too Much of A Good Thing Turns Ugly

It’s never advised to allow your anger to roam, but special times call for special means. Anger can make you pinpoint exactly where and when you’ve felt your worst, which will then help you realize just why you’re not okay.

Then, you’ll only have to purge out all these bad thingsโ€”toxic friends, unhealthy habitsโ€”that have once overshadowed your life.

It’s Okay to Feel Sad For Yourself At Your Lowest

Because there’s no bargaining in rock bottom, we’ll go straight to depression, the most infamous stage in this process.

Rock bottom isn’t exactly fun, so we can understand the prevalence of this stage. And it’s perfectly okay.

You should allow yourself time to feel the pain. You should allow yourself this degree of compassion because you’ve fallen on hard times. You shouldn’t, however, let this sadness get to the point of pity because this is a ladder that only goes down.

Acceptance Is The Last Stage of Grief But It’s Not The Last Stage For You

This is the most important point in this process because acceptance is the final step in closure. You need to accept what happened to move on.

You won’t be able to change past mistakes or regrets, no matter how much you dwell on them. It’ll only draw in the negativity back to you.

In this stage you’ll discover what you should have appreciated in life and you’ll appreciate it much more. You’ll also discover a magnificent inner strength that will sustain you in upcoming problems.

There’s No Shame In Needing Help

Just because the stages of grief are done doesn’t mean we still don’t have additional advice to give. There’s still something else we should say. Something that might be forgotten because of its simplicity.

Asking for help isn’t shameful. Feeling like a burden when you reach out is sadly all-too-common but it shouldn’t be. Don’t give in to these ideas and reach out to your nearest and dearest.

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that reaching out isn’t an excuse to transfer bad energies to others. Don’t inflict pain just because you’re trying to rid yourself of it.

Actively Try To Change Your Life

After all is said and done, nothing will change if you don’t actively try to the take the initiative. You have to keep on learning because, no matter how old you are, life will keep on changing and we have to change with it.

If you don’t adapt, chances are you’ll lead yourself back to square one.

Changes can be done through the little things, too. Use this off-time to get in touch with yourself, get more fresh air, try to enjoy your own company, get a journal, and write anything you have on your mindโ€”goals, feelings, to-do lists.

No matter how small something is, you’ll still feel the ripples of its effects. Rock bottom might sound like the heaviest burden to bare, but it will eventually be something of the past, with adequate work and effort, of course.

You will need this determination because the number one person in your life is you.