Mohamed Fadl

For those of you who don’t know, Mohamed Fadl is a 38-year-old former Egyptian footballer who’s been appointed as the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Tournament Director. There are so many things to be said about his hard work in this tournament so far, but that’s not just what we want you to know about Fadl.

Mohamed Fadl is actually an inspiration to many. The guy went through so many hardships that we lost count. And he stood tall through it all. Let us recap:

#1 Career

Like many of us, Fadl had to make a choice between a secure job as a prosecutor after he graduated with a respectful law degree, and his passion for football. And we all know how making a very risky decision that’s going to affect our future feels like.

Mohamed Fadl

And of course, he ended up choosing football and taking the risk of pursuing his passion. He played for Al-Ahly, Al-Ismaili, Arab Contractors, Semouha and other well-renowned clubs. And to say he excelled in all of them, is an understatement.

#2 Family Tragedy

What happened to Fadl afterwards was extremely tragic, to say the least. The former footballer lost several members of his family in a very short span of time. First, he lost his sister whom we’ve read was his secret keeper and confidant.

Then, it was his mother who couldn’t handle the loss so she unfortunately passed away as well. And not too long after that, his father died too.

Mohamed Fadl

And unfortunately, that wasn’t all. In 2018, Fadl lost his youngest son Ismail in a car accident. The series of tragic events would make you think Fadl might get into a severe case of depression, but that was not the case.

Actually, he came back stronger!

#3 Forced Retirement

Mohamed Fadl

In 2017, after a 21-year-relationship with football, Fadl took the tough decision to retire. But it wasn’t because he wanted to nor that he’s had enough. It was because of his frequent injuries.

#4 Career Obstacles

Mohamed Fadl

After retirement, Fadl decided to turn to analyzing football games professionally before being hired as the Transfer Director for Al-Ahly Al-Masry. However, corruption forced Fadl to quit shortly after.

#5 Redemption and the AFCON

Through it all, Fadl stood tall and continued on his way to now become the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Tournament Director.

Mohamed FadlMohamed Fadl

Everyone is basically praising his work so far. Most importantly, he, along with Synergy, managed to give the world one of the best opening ceremonies in the history of football, and that’s according to many people around the world.

Mohamed Fadl is an inspiration, not because of the hardships he went through. We all face tragedies, but Fadl is an inspiration to those who struggle to get back up after a million setbacks. And that’s what’s important! He’s a great example.