Actress Mona Farouk appeared in a live video on her Instagram account two days ago, February 17, and we were all shocked from the place she’s currently at in life!

The video made us realize it’s time to address the whole Mona Farouk issue and to state, loud and clear, that she deserves A SECOND CHANCE.

In the video, she owned up to her actions regarding the sex tape scandal and she basically pleaded guilty and confessed that she is desperate for society’s forgiveness.

“Ever since the scandal, I’ve been shamed and shunned by everyone in my circles, even my own family. My social life and career are practically over and I feel like a dead person.”

Those were the exact words Mona used to describe how her life has been; dealing with the aftermath of her leaked sex tape.

It didn’t end here. Farouk went on to admit that she is now getting suicidal thoughts and is seriously considering ending her life. And on that note, we would like to declare how we think Mona Farouk is worthy of a second chance at life. Just like any human being, for that matter.

Yes, she took part in a scandalous case of public opinion. And yes, you might find her guilty and deserving punishment, but we think that enough is enough.

This is a girl who has been disowned by family members, lost her job and has been publicly humiliated to the point where she had to leave the country.

We believe that every human being has the ability to grow and learn. And we think it’s time we all help her, even just morally, to put her life back on track.

Actually we feel we are morally obligated to do that right now. Since her life is not safe. No one wants to have a person’s blood on their hand just because he or she wrote a hateful comment or helped shame her in any way!

Fortunately, the feedback on the live video was mostly positive. People on social media even made a hashtag for supporting her #ادعم_مني_فاروق and منى_فاروق_بنحبك_ومسامحينك

So we, by all means, want to join forces and support Mona Farouk. As we believe that one’s life shouldn’t just end when they make a mistake. This is no time to give her a “holier than thou” lecture.