Radwa El-Sherbiny

If you don’t already know, Radwa El-Sherbiny is the host of CBC Sofra’s “Heya w Bas” show, and for over a year now, she has been the advocate for women’s rights on TV. But has she gone too far?

In light of the recent events, El-Sherbiny had spoken about the whole “El-Torta” controversy and even took a call from Nehal, the woman involved in the story.

Of course, not only did she ask her not to be upset but she also severely attacked her ex fiancee on live TV. And dare we say, even bullied him. However, that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

We’re only trying to understand whether or not El-Sherbiny is actually supporting women or is she just following whatever propaganda comes her way?

Supporting Women?

Is it really case by case and does her opinion depend on what happened or does she just decide to stick to the rhetoric she’s now known for?

Unfortunately, we can’t help but think that it’s the latter. Why? Simply because this is NOT feminism. This is not what we do nor how we want things to be.

Women want equality; they want men to be held accountable for what they do. They want to be able to live in peace, not in mind tricks and lies.

Most importantly, they want to stand up for themselves in the face of sexual harassment, as well as toxic relationships and marriages.

This exactly is what we all thought Radwa El-Sherbiny was advocating for. But with everything going on, not really.

The Angry Rhetoric, the Same Old One

All we’re seeing now is an angry woman sitting in a chair, shouting at men and pointing fingers of blame towards them. And sometimes, it’s not even logical. It’s all for the sake of being the “Feminism Icon“.

Maybe, it used to be logical and fair in some women’s eyes. However, El-Sherbiny now sounds like someone who’s trying so hard to prove that she’s on women’s side. And that’s okay. But what’s not okay is being illogical and sticking to a certain rhetoric just because you think you have to.

Also, again, this isn’t feminism. For the millionth time, feminism is equality. And not hating on men.

The War on All Egyptian Men

We do get that some messages and phone calls are truly painful. Some situations are just worse than others. Nevertheless, why the generalization? Why is Radwa keen on making the concept of “All Men are Trash” her motto? Why is one man’s mistake suddenly a characteristic of all men?

Following the Propaganda and Not Caring About the Other Side of the Story

Radwa is literally not letting any relationship-related controversial/trending topic slip by without talking about it in her show, calling the women involved and insulting the men on live TV. It’s just becoming ridiculous.

It would actually be 10 times more professional if she decided to contact ALL the involved parties, instead.

Anyone in El-Sherbiny’s position shouldn’t just rely on the internet for information and call the woman involved as the one and only credible source. This is not how things should be, even on the professional level.

We know there has been episodes where a couple of men called her or sent her messages. But that doesn’t mean anything in comparison to the amount of men she insults.

In the end, the show is called “Heya w Bas” and we know it should naturally revolve around women. But does it really? Because, again, all we see is her screaming at men every single episode.

All we’re saying is that if she chooses to take the direction of telling stories and ‘helping‘ women out, then, at least, as a public figure who’s supposed to be influential, hearing both sides is crucial.

Making Fun of ‘Serious‘ Matters

It’s actually becoming a joke. If you look at her statuses or the captions written on her videos, it doesn’t even feel like she’s being real or taking the matter seriously anymore.

Feminism isn’t about taking sides nor is it about hating on men just for the sake of it. It’s about the things Radwa El-Sherbiny is ‘claiming‘ she stands up for.