Real estate companies are quite plentiful nowadays. With each having its own pros and cons, and it’s always best to choose the one that fits our lifestyle and needs.

And because a lot of people are looking for peacefulness, serenity, relaxation, security, and a hassle-free environment; Inertia’s Soleya is already sold out and is now being delivered to the residents! 

What is Soleya?

Launched in 2015, “Soleya” is a residential development brought to you by Inertia; the leading Egyptian real estate company which is all about making its clients happy and comfortable.

The name is derived from a merger of the English and French words “Salsola” and “Soleil”; “Salsola” being a unique desert flower, while “Soleil” means “the sun”.

How thoughtful and beautiful?


Inertia’s project “Soleya” delivers the most awesome service anyone could ask for. Its location on the Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road right next to Qobet El Hassana Protectorate is incredibly on point! Because who wouldn’t want to live in such a calm and cool area?

It’s not just about the location, Inertia is all about its clients’ comfort, which is why those who have chosen to live in Soleya, will definitely enjoy amazing personal services.

From nannies, butlers and concierge to shopping services; Soleya is about making life easier. Whether you live alone or with your family.

Fun and entertainment is also a big part of the Soleya community. Because if the residents want a clubhouse and a swimming pool, they’re there too!


For the athletic residents who are trying to get in shape, Soleya also has a gym where they can go and get the summer body they want.

Soleya is also all about beautiful open spaces since 78% of its total area consists of them. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to live in an area with open spaces?

Whether it’s an apartment, a twin house, a townhouse or a standalone villa, residences vary according to the clients’ needs. And they already got them all! 

The whole area is also highly secured with surveillance everywhere for the safety of the residents, that’s in addition to generators serving public areas.

Soleya is quite an unmatchable environment. Peacefulness, fun, security and unique personal services; what else would one need? It’s only common sense that it’s sold out!