Ali Ghozlan

Ever since the Cairo International Book Fair kicked off this January 28th, a wave of severe criticism directed at new Egyptian writers has been hitting social media on a daily basis.

A lot of new and young writers already fell victim to the harsh wave of sarcasm and criticism. But one person in specific is currently having it harder than all the rest on social media – if you look him up, you’ll find an unbelievable amount of insults linked to his name.

That person is Ali Ghozlan. And before we tell you what’s going on; here’s what you need to know about him:

Ghozlan is a Medical School graduate from Alexandria University. He owns a restaurant in 6th of October called “Stomach“. In addition to that, he has a YouTube channel with over one million views which he started off by creating comedy content. Now his videos revolve more around lifestyle, tips, medical advice…etc. He’s also listing himself as an ‘actor’ on his social media accounts.

So with millions following him on Facebook and Instagram, he pretty much turned into a public figure/social media influencer like many others his age have.

That being said, Ghozlan isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone thinks highly of him or believes he offers valuable content on his different platforms. But of course, some other people think the opposite.

What Happened?

Ghozlan decided to write a book and publish it, and that’s when social media users started bullying him with no regards whatsoever to his feelings or their own morality.

His book “Modmen Nagah” is actually a bestseller, but a lot of social media users seem to have only bought it in order to make fun of Ghozlan online.

We understand that the book may not suit everyone’s taste. We haven’t read it and don’t think we’d actually enjoy the style it was written in. Because, we too, may not think of it as a valuable literary piece or view Ghozlan as a valuable writer.

Keeping in mind that this is his first attempt at writing a book/novel…

That being said, nobody has the right to judge a book by its cover. Criticism is very different from insults and sarcasm. Because even if you don’t want to give ‘constructive criticism’, at least don’t turn it into bullying. There’s a fine line between both.

And many people intentionally cross that line, to be honest.

On the other hand, Ghozlan isn’t all innocent in all of this. Because his disrespectful and aggressive response to his haters only escalated matters more.

When someone puts any kind of content out for people to see, especially someone with a big platform like Ghozlan’s, they have to understand that criticism is very possible. It’s actually necessary.

Ghozlan’s overconfidence and careless attitude is really absurd. We mean, he basically compared his haters to pigs. And again, all we could say is; this is way too disrespectful. He actually helped turn the whole thing from a book critique to a personal matter.

In one of his attempts to clap back at his haters, he recorded a video saying:

“If you turn to page 72, you’ll find that it has some of the most valuable words ever written!”.

Some of the words he uses and the way he defends himself is literally shocking!

In the end, we think both sides are wrong. People are forgetting what criticism is all about and are always blinded by hate. They don’t even care about the fact that they’re being bullies anymore.

Like, they could’ve either spent their time actually reading the book and giving useful feedback based on real evidence, even if it’s bad. Or maybe they could’ve chosen to focus on the books they really find valuable and worth the hype and read.

But instead, they thought attacking new writers and making them an absolute viral joke on social media, is easier. Especially that it’s very clear that they only skimmed through the book.

While Ghozlan is very provocative and basically doesn’t know how to handle the bad side that comes with fame and publicity. Most importantly, he doesn’t want to come close to facing the fact that his book may have become a bestseller, but not in a valuable kind of way…

Those were our thoughts about this whole situation, what are yours? Let us know!