Breakups are hard. For both men and women. And the way one deals with a breakup differs from one individual to another. For instance, some people like to solo travel in order to rediscover themselves and explore the world. Most importantly, to get their minds off said breakup.

However, others – mostly women – turn to makeovers to get their minds off the recent breakup and the person they were dating.

But the question here is: Why do they do that?

Well, it’s quite simple.

Sometimes, women would need change in order to slowly get out of a certain heartbreaking situation. Or at least try to do so. Needless to say, most breakups – unless the circumstances are different – are sad, indeed.

Because it’s then that they feel brand new. Which makes it easier to forget about the guy they were in love with for sometime in the past.

Feeling like a new person simply means that you’re off to new beginnings, a new start. And that unconsciously eases the pain of breaking up with a partner because you convince yourself that he’s no longer an added value to your new character/image.

Keeping in mind that this “New character” could simply be you but with pink hair or a nose piercing, literally. Just about anything to feel the change and self reinvention.

Mainly, anything to make you feel that you’re not the person you were yesterday, nor are you the one who got dumped, got cheated on or dated the wrong guy.

Another reason many girls/women often resort to makeovers is to show their exes what they lost and are already missing out on.

Honestly, I feel that it’s mostly a coping mechanism. For me, the reason of the breakup wasn’t even dramatic. But I remember that all I wanted to do was feel something else other than the heartache, so I dyed cut my hair super short and dyed it dark blue,” said Shaza Khaled, 23.

After a dramatic breakup, I booked a lip piercing appointment. I wasn’t even thinking of anything at the time. There was nothing more to it than just me wanting a lip piercing. But when I sat back and thought about it, I realized that I just wanted to do something new to make me feel good about myself during this time. So I cancelled the appointment and let time pass to decide whether I really wanted it or whether it was some kind of a rebound look, and well, it was,” Nada Ahmed, 18.

What about you girls? Do you always have the urge to dye your hair, cut it or get a piercing somewhere just for the sake of a makeover after a breakup? Share your thoughts with us!