To those who got here thinking we’d be bashing those who watch anime, we’re not going to do that. But we think you should still stick around.

More and more Egyptians are now watching anime, and here comes our turn to perhaps explain what it is and why more people are preferring anime over other entertainment content.

So if you’ve ever made fun of someone that does watch anime or if you simply don’t get what it is that an adult might like about “cartoon,” here are a few reasons anime is actually awesome!

1- There is an Anime for literally everyone out there

There’s a wide variety of anime genres. Just go to any anime streaming website and you’ll find at least 10 categories to choose from. It’s not only that, a single anime can have elements of different genres making the watching experience even more surreal!

2- It’s super cute!

There’s not much we can say here except that anime is special in that sense, unless they fall under the dark anime category. Most have some very light humor and an uplifting spirit.

3- Unique Characters, Engaging Plots, Amazing Art

Due to the fierce competition in the field, the pressure on Japanese manga artists is real. Only the creme de la creme get to release their own mangas or anime. This gives us very unique characters that are put together in an engaging way. Add to that the style each artist uses for the illustrations. Every show out there is a celebration of human ingenuity.

4- The Best Soundtracks

Since Japanese art is not very known in this part of the world, anime gives us a taste of what it’s like and the music is definitely not like anything you’ve heard in a Western drama. Most anime have their own tracks and every sort of mood comes with a track to completely set up the scene!

5- Warmth 

Every single anime we’ve come across puts a huge emphasis on the value of family and friends creating a warm aura overall. This also brings us to the next point.

6- The Strong Sense of Morality 

Anime protagonists are often bombarded with moral dilemmas where we the viewers get to question our actions too. But the bottom line is, the strong sense of loyalty and justice is something every anime we’ve come across has presented. Values like loving your family, being there for friends, and helping the underprivileged are just some to mention.

Watching anime is a totally personal experience and we cannot sum up everyone’s experience for those six reasons. If you do watch anime, what is it that you find special about it?