Hesham Magued and Shiko

On Monday, April 15, our favorite comedians Hesham Magued and Shiko were Esaad Younes’ guests on DMC’s “Sahbet El-Saada”.

And of course they had to talk about where it all began and how they met and got to know one another.

The “Sameer w Shaheer w Baheer” stars both answered Younes’ questions with the same declaration:

“I couldn’t tolerate him at first.”

Then went on about how they first met at the Shooting Club, and avoided each other. And then found themselves in the SAME class at university, had mutual friends then BOOM; they’re now best friends who make movies together!

Like, isn’t that ALL of us with our best friends? Who didn’t despise the sight of the closest person to them now at the beginning of their friendship? It’s like a must to solidify the ties, people!

It’s such a funny situation we all find ourselves in. And It goes like this:

1. You meet a person at school/university/work/the club…etc.

2. You get some annoying vibes from them.

3. You start avoiding the person and talking trash about them to your other friends.

4. Suddenly, some of your friends turn out to be acquaintances with that person. And you have to deal.

5. There’s an awkward situation at the beginning.

6. Well, you now say hi and and have small talk at gatherings.

7. “Oh, maybe she/he is not that bad after all.”

8. “OH WOW WE HAVE THINGS IN COMMON!” And this is the instant click.

9. “OMG, you love Games of Thrones too? WHICH HOUSE ARE YOU?” No going back now…

10. Now is the “secrets sharing” time. Yes, that’s it!


Literally you guys, we ALL go through these stages. And honestly, it’s the best thing ever. Because at least you can always reminisce and nag each other about all the times you were annoying.

This is obviously the part of “REMEMBER WHEN YOU HATED ME?” “NO, YOU HATED ME” “YEAH BECAUSE YOU STARTED IT!” “AND YOU WERE ANNOYING!” then you both laugh. The typical scenario of any two best-friends.

Tell us, do you relate to what Hesham and Shiko said about their friendship on the show?

And what about our 11 steps of going from the irritating hate to the ultimate friendship? Do you agree?