This quarantine made us appreciate the power of collaboration and how together we can truly achieve greatness. And that’s how ‘Hetet Hekaya’ came to life.

An initiative aiming purely at entertaining and inspiring people, ‘Hetet Hekaya’ captures the essence of collaboration through a 30-episode story simply executed to unravel throughout the holy month of Ramadan by our favorite celebrities, artists, writers, content creators, and filmmakers. 

The story itself revolves around a group of employees working in a hypermarket, yet in the middle of this restless job they are looking for an artistic alternative to their mechanic and boring current job, one that might bring them closer – or not, but most importantly it’s a collaborative one.

The first ‘Hekaya’ is told by the exceptional and ‘Hetet Hekaya’ enthusiast, Tamer Habib. And every day a different celebrity will tell us their ‘Hekaya’. The episodes feature a long list of celebrities and entertainers including Mohamed Farrag, Riham Abdel Ghaffour, Abu, Ahmed Bahaa, Mariam Naoum, Arwa Gouda and Hady El Bagoury to name just a few. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the initiative is not branded, non sponsored, and non-profitable. Creators, celebrities, and partners are coming together purely to help keep the public entertained.

Below are some quotes from the episodes:

Reham Abdel Ghaffour:

”طول عمري زعلانة إني مدخلتش المعهد عشان فاتتني فرصه الإرتجال والحمد لله جاتلي التجربة دي عشان أجرب أرتجل وطلع موضوع لذيذ اًوي“

Amr Salama:
”فرصة جميلة تجمع بين روح الدعابة والتحدي والإبداع والتشويق لمعرفة كيف  ستستمر وتكبر كرة الثلج الإبداعية هذه، سعيد بالمشاركة“

Omar Taher:

”فكرة جديدة و ممتعة بالنسبة لي و مساحة للتعاون مع كتاب ماجتش فرصة للتعاون معاهم و يمكن ماتجيبش اصلا“

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