By Hana Yousry

“Emta a5alas madrasa ba2a?” We all know this question. Every person has once asked this question at their high school phase, not knowing that there will come a point in life where they’ll wish to give up anything just to get back to high school. Here are some of the many things you’ll miss:


Your Friends

I know there comes a point where we all want to make new friends and have a new entourage but trust me, high school friends are the ones who’ll never leave your side. Even if you made new friends, school friends will always have a special place in your heart. Some will travel; others will drift apart but you’ll never forget about them. Because who else will eat all your food? Who else will have your back when your boyfriend/girlfriend pisses you off? Who else will take the stairs in 20 minutes rather than 2 minutes just to skip a class with you? No one but them.


Failing Your Math Exam And Not Giving A Damn About It

You’ll never forget the times when you failed Algebra, meen fina bey7eb el Math? Only some Math geniuses never failed a Math exam, not to mention how we all used to give them that “yabnel la3iba” look. We still love them though.


try again



You know what you’ll miss the most? Definitely the tazweegh. You can’t deny that ditching your classes and hiding with your squad for hours was the most fun part of the day. Getting on our teachers’ nerves and getting kicked out of class was what we excelled at..



Thanaweya 3ama’s S*** 

How dare I forget about the thanaweya 3amma mo3askar and its mo3anah? We used to take four Arabic private lessons per week for TWO MONTHS. And, yes I believe taking four Arabic classes per week for two months is a lot to take in. How dare I forget about the days where we had to sit right next to each other to cheat on our finals? And the times where we used to study only one day before the exam, not giving a damn about it. All we had to depend on was do3a2 el waledein. W ya2ima nenga7, ya2ima… NELBES.

sanaweya 3ama


SATs Ayez Eh Men 7ayatna?

This is the ONLY thing I haven’t missed at all!! However, I still miss the times where we used to gather at a friend’s place for the dars and order pizza!! This was the best thing about SATs..EATING A LOT! Studying is definitely not one of the things you should do with a friend, but it was still so much fun.




If this is not the best day ever, I don’t know what is!!! This is a moment you can never forget, ever. That moment where you’re finally graduating and throwing your caps high in the air is one of the moments you can’t describe in words.





This is the night you’ve been waiting for ever since you were a kid. And maybe this when you’ll feel your heart aching, because you know it’ll be nothing but a memory. It’s that special night where curfews are broken and millions of pictures are taken. A night that feels more like your wedding day. A night where you and your friends sleep over together after the prom ends and start gossiping about every little detail that happened on the night..




Here’s to all the memories we reminisce on. Here’s to this one favorite place my best friends and I used to go to every Sunday after school. Here’s to all the times we used to get punished for hours just because we weren’t in class on time; we did it on purpose though. Here’s to all the times we skipped school and went to Starbucks instead. Here’s to all the songs that remind us of school days. Here’s to the kiosks we used to buy from everyday before we leave. It actually makes me tear up every time I walk past it, because I can’t help but remember all the memories we’ve shared there. Believe me, you’ll miss how everything used to be, but you won’t realize it until it’s gone.



If you think you’ll be happier when you graduate from high school or that college is way better, you must be wrong. It’s a lie! Even if you didn’t like school that much or even if you’re no longer in contact with those who were with you at school, you’ll still miss them the most!