By: Yara Tarek

On Monday the 11th of February 2019 Sharqia’s governor Mamdoh Ghorab said that The holy family journey route being placed on The UNESCO’s World Heritage Map is great news. The celebrations have been documented along the journey’s route.

What’s the holy family journey route? let us fill you in.

The Holy Family Journey Route

It’s one of the most remarkable events in Egypt. The program was launched in 2000 as one of the touristic places in Egypt to remind people of one of the most magnificent biblical history events.

The program encourages travelers to retrace the steps of Jesus Christ with his mother, the Virgin Mary, and Joseph in Egypt.

The Journey started when the Holy Family went from Bethlehem in Palestine to Al-Arish, and Farama in north Sinai. From Farama the Holy Family continued to Tel Basta, a city of Pharaonic lion goddess Bastet, just outside modern-day Zagazig in Sharqiya Governorate.


The Holy Family graced many historical places

Like the Monastery of Al Muharraq in Mount Qussqam.

The Monastery of the Virgin in Gabal al Tair.

The Monastery of Arganos in Sandafa village, which is also known as Abai Issous or “the Home of Jesus,” and finally in Maadi which translates to “the crossing,” since it was the location where they crossed the Nile.

Old Cairo where the Family took refuge in a cave. In later years, the church (St Sergious) was built at this site.

Sakha in Kafr Al-Sheikh Governorate, where a rock, with the footprint of Jesus, still exists.

In Ain Shams, Matariya; a tree which is called “Mary’s Tree” since it is believed that the Family rested in the shade of its branches through their journey.

There are plenty of other historical sites in this journey that are totally worth visiting.


The Pop’s blessing for the Coptic pilgrimage of the flight in 2018

In December 2017 the Vatican affiliate Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi’s (ORP) delegation visited Egypt to examine whether the historic places should be included in international pilgrimage program. 

In January 4th of 2018 it was agreed upon that Egypt will be included in the program. 

After the blessing, it agreed to organize the first official Christian pilgrimage in May 2018.

What’s UNESCO’s world heritage map?

It’s a map that includes the most remarkable places in history worth protecting.

Many Travelling agencies offer this Journey as part of the program for tourists to enjoy it.

This is great news, people. Christianity has always been a vital part of Egypt’s community. We’re all honored to have this journey included in UNESCO’s map. This will also mark the start of a major progress for  tourism in Egypt.