Like many people across the globe, I enjoy reading about horoscopes and especially mine. I never really believed in them, up until this happened.

I was doing a group project with a couple of my friends and it all began when he started singing ‘Wala bahebek moot we baheb borg el hout‘. I was like ‘ANA BORG EL HOUT‘, and he was like ‘Ana Kaman‘.

We spent almost an hour figuring out whether or not we have common traits just because we belong to the same horoscope sign, and the results were amazing.

Are All Pisces Emotional?

When the conversation started, the first thing we had to ask each other was whether we were both emotional or not, and the answer was yes. Even though generally guys seem to be more relaxed than girls, but he did admit that he was more of an emotional guy. We started thinking of incidents where we overreacted and we blamed it on our horoscope!

Do All Pisces Follow the Same Patterns When Dealing With Sadness?

I honestly thought I was a weirdo for doing this, but whenever I get sad I just ignore my problem. Turns out that he does the exact SAME thing. We both overwork ourselves and manage to live a busy life so that we wouldn’t face our problems. Instead of walking away, we just run away real fast! Oooops…

Do All Pisces Master the Art of Overthinking?

One reason why I hate dealing with my problems and sadness is the fact that I’m the queen of overthinking. If I’m facing an alleged issue, I might start making multiple scenarios and overthink those scenarios. I do dwell on my sadness, which becomes consuming because of my emotional nature.

And now, after I met him, I just blame it on the horoscope!


Do All Pisces out there Enjoy their Own Company?

We both LOVE having some alone time. This alone time is what makes us capable of surviving for the whole day or even sometimes week. We need to reflect, always! In addition to that, it’s a very important part of our day to just sit there and do absolutely nothing to restore part of our energy, as we do overwork ourselves a lot.

Are All Pisces Believers?

We’ve both been through a lot in our lives, and we lost things and people. This alone would have broken us to pieces and stopped us from believing in the goodness of others. But instead, we both still believe in the goodness of people and that even if some of them walk away, they are just making room for the better ones to come along. We have faith, it is a Pisces thing.

Disclaimer: Horoscopes might not be real at all, and this could be nothing but sheer confirmation bias.