Ignorance is leading people blindly nowadays and common sense doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. Abuse is going viral like the plague. An Egyptian man was spotted at a sha3bi wedding, forcing a horse into smoking a hash cigarette to entertain the audience. It seems like no one was disturbed. 

This is not the first incident that we came across; from using fish in hookahs to forcing a horse into smoking a hash cigarette!
A man pulling off his own show making use of the horse in an abusive way, making him dance as well, didn’t tempt anyone to try and stop him from doing so. In fact, people looked satisfied and entertained.

The video caption: A cool horse smoking hash

The video shows the man holding a hash cigarette and forcefully making the horse inhale it and not giving him a room to breathe fresh air. Not only so, but he loses his temper when the horse tries to resist and tells him to not dare move. Whether it’s just a regular cigarette or a hash one, it still makes us speechless and just unable to understand the rationale behind it. The video was posted on The Legal Center for Justice and Defense Facebook page.

How people are responding to this

Unfortunately there are some people who find this very funny and entertaining; however the majority of comments show how annoyed and shocked people are. From what we see on Facebook, people’s reactions were divided into the following: 14 people reacted with a heart, 282 reacted with the laughing emoji, 696 were mad, and 44 people reacted with the crying emoji. The post itself got 1,741 shares.

Animal abuse must stop. Are you from the majority who finds it heartless, abusive and terrible? Or are you from the minority who thinks it’s funny and normal?