Straight hair perks
via Tall N Curly

People with curly hair can tell you how their day-to-day hair life can be a literal struggle. We wake up everyday unsure of how our hair wants to behave, shopping for hair products is a never-ending struggle, and yeah, sometimes it’s quite hard to not wake up and fantasize about life if we had straight hair.

We know it’s not really a pipping hot take, but straight-haired people have it differently. In fact, we’re even willing to say they have some perks and here are a few of them.

You get to brush your hair without worrying about the end result.

We don’t know if you notice that if you ask a curly-haired person to just brush their hair and call it a day, they’ll give a look that will say much more than words ever will.

See, this is because when a curly-haired person brushes their hair, it poofs and frizzes in a way that’s not always flattering. Meanwhile, straight-haired people don’t really face this obstacle.

Hair-salon trips are easier on the soul.

While special treatments don’t exist in hair salons unless you’re a regular, we can’t say we don’t feel some type of way when we stay around longer in the salon because styling our hair takes up longer time.

It also doesn’t hurt that when you get haircuts as a straight-haired person, you don’t immediately regret it because you didn’t calculate shrinkage.

Hairdos, hairdos, and more hairdos.

Now that we’re living in the new age, we have the pleasure of having many different hairdos to style curly hair but until very recently, most popular hairdos only really fit for straight hair.

And since we’re talking about hairdos, we also can’t forget the fact that straight hair is immediately considered formal while curly hair isn’t.

The weather doesn’t hit you as harshly and we’re glad you don’t know how that’s like.

Okay, we really have nothing to say here except that things like humidity and rain hits our hair types differently. Straight hair does suffers, just not to the same extent as curls.

So, where’s the straight hair perk here? Well, you guys get to reenact Rom-Com rain scenes without running for shelter because your hair is dying.

Routines don’t take over your life.

As numerous hair gurus and online groups will tell you, caring for curly hair can consume you if you’re not careful.

Finding the right routine and the right products aren’t an issue for straight-haired people because curly hair products tend to be on the rare end.

When your hair’s straight, your hair ties last longer.

This one might sound silly, but do you know how many hair ties a curly-haired person goes through because they can’t handle the power of their curls?

You can tell your hair’s actual length.

If a straight-haired person has long hair, they’ll always have long hair. If it’s short, then it’s short. For curly-heads, it’s different.

We wake up not really knowing if our hair is going to be near its real length, shorter, or extra short. It’s not as fun as it sounds.

We love our straight-haired pals, of course, but c’mon, their perks are great!