Sometimes, parents can have the weirdest and most demotivating opinions. We can never cover all those opinions in just one article; we’ll just try to feature the most likely ones.

1- Photographer


It doesn’t matter if you’re gonna be a professional photographer or a photographer ta7t el selem, their opinion will ALWAYS be “Howa da akhrak?? Da badal matetla3 doctor wala ay nila w tesharaf ahlak?”



Let’s imagine this conversation together:

“Dad, I’m starting my career in music”
“Are you buying a guitar or a piano?”
“No, actually I’m going to become a DJ”
“Nam w etghata kowayess ya 7abeeby w salilak salat estekhara w rabena hayehdik isa.”

3-Social Media Expert

Ya 7abeeby betesh2a; 2a3ed 3ala Facebook w Twitter toul el nahar? Ya 7aram!!


Definitely, AKA “Mandoub Mabi3at”.

5- Fashion Designer (Female)


Even if you’re so passionate about it, think you might make it big in the industry, or want to study at a prestigious fashion school abroad, they still believe you’ll end up being a “Khayata.”

6- Fashion Designer (Male)


Let alone, if you’re a male and actually have a thing for fashion designing, that’s a completely different story because ” A MAN ” cannot be a “Tarzy.” Moreover, expect people to start doubting your sexual preferences!