Game of thrones’s season 5’s first 4 episodes got leaked. The people of the world reacted, but Egyptians reacted in a whole different manner.


Most people didn’t watch all the leaked episodes, because they don’t want to wait for 5 weeks till they finish watching it. Most of the ones who did, actually, watch the show, only watched it so they could spoil it for the ones who didn’t. What’s worse are the ones who keep threatening to spoil it thinking it’s funny. This is probably universal, but the way Egyptians do it is what differs.

“Walla, shoft el bet el sha2ra 3amalet eh? W el kezm nayel eh?”

Remember how Joffery died? Wanna end up like him? No? So shut up!!


2) It’s illegal!

This is the person who doesn’t have OSN, and of course doesn’t have HBO, and they’re saying they won’t watch it because it’s illegal. This same person has pirated all the past 4 seasons. So what’s the difference now? No one knows!

3) The Memes


Memes are all over the place, but the Egyptian Game of Thrones memes are a whole other thing. Example: picture above.

4) Politics

How Game of Thrones resemblance the 25th of January’s revolution is beyond me. The same ones comparing both of them and comparing Jon Snow to El-Sisy are claiming GOT got leaked because the government want us to be distracted through the Christian holidays, in case something happens. Because HBO will, of course, agree to leak it so a couple of Egyptians get distracted. Of course!

5) هودور