Saad El-Soghayar

Football rivalries tend to go hard. If you’ve been in a room with two rival football fans, chances are you already know this. With the sport as big of a part of Egypt as it is, it’s easy to love and accept these arguments.

Now, here’s the thing. We all like rivalries, but there’s a limit. Sometimes an argument will go beyond football and straight up into people’s business. And this is the part we’re not accepting. Hear that, Dr. Medhat El-Adl?

Okay, so some background. Recently, Dr. Medhat El-Adl, a staunch Zamalek supporter, tweeted something along the lines of Zamalek supporters being renowned people like Naguib Mahfouz, Ahmed Zweil, and Magdy Yacoub among others. With Ahly supporters being people like Saad El-Soghayar.

Now, you can easily see just how uncalled for this was.

Eventually, others did too as the tweet started circulating out of Egyptian Football Twitter and reached Saad El-Soghayar himself. And this is where the two men’s responses are a world apart.

Rather than compose an angry tweet or rightfully go off, Saad El-Soghayar chose to simply make a video to reply to Dr. Medhat El-Adl. And in the video, he’d been so clear-cut with his point you might have wondered who the PhD holder was!

In the video, El-Soghayar tells Dr. El-Adl that what he’s doing is bullying and that he, as a professor and a professional, can’t do that. He also went on to say that you cannot use regular, everyday people who aren’t of a stellar education to downgrade a club because “people like that” cheer them on.

After this, an understandable outrage at Medhat El-Adl’s behavior came through and formulated in the shape of a hashtag. #Medhat-El-Adl-Motanamer.

So, how does Dr. Medhat El-Adl respond to this? He pretends like it’s fine because everything’s fair in love and games, apparently.

Rather than at least acknowledge Saad El-Soghayar’s video or the burgeoning hashtag calling him out, the screenplay man chose to go deeper in this mess and actively retweeted a set of tweets in his favor.

retweeted by Medhat El-Adl, who is somehow defending his club by being classist
also retweeted by Medhat El-Adl, who now thinks the world is out to get him instead of him simply being in the wrong

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight here. There are many things Dr. El-Adl could have done and this is the worst of them.

This shows other people who go on tearing down people for things out of their control that they’re in the right — as long as it’s in a sports-context, of course, you can be an online bully (not the sarcasm)!

So what should he have done? Actually listen to the video, try to own up to what he did, and realize that you don’t have to be a bad person to say something completely horrible. This is why people apologize and move on.

And before you say it, no, we’re not “policing sports banter”. By all means, knock yourself out and mock the loving hell out of your rival team. We’re all for that, just don’t bring someone’s background into it.

No, sports are never worth being a classist bully.