Research has shown Instagram to be the worst social network for our mental health, and yet we just can’t stay away!

We spend hours and hours each day down the rabbit hole of idyllic sunsets, perfect looking people and flawless food pictures without recognizing the impact it leaves on us.

Fashion wise, we’re all familiar with the #ootd hashtag on Instagram. Where people post daily pictures of themselves wearing different high-end outfits and expect the world to follow in their footsteps!

Social media influencers and bloggers have created the trend of advertising for branded clothes on their online platforms in exchange of free stuff. Which is somehow fair, since it’s just a business deal and no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, this leaves the rest of us in a hard place!

One of the many setbacks of social media’s bad influence is the fear of having to repeat an outfit. Normal people and Instagram users, especially those with many followers, never wear a fashion item twice in fear of, well, being judged.

Now, this is a luxury not everyone can afford, and here is where the problem starts.

The constant presence of perfection creates a dangerous standard and causes young people to feel insecure about their own looks and life, in general. We start comparing our lifestyles to those of the celebrities and before we know it, we’re disappointed!

First, it was the magazine covers and now, with the world becoming more digital, it’s heavy editing and airbrushing. No wonder rates of body dysmorphia among teenagers is always on the rise!

We continue to buy so much clothes and makeup whenever our eyes catch a new trend, in hope of taking the “perfect Instagram picture” without thinking of the consequences and how much control is being taken away from us.

Rumor has it, some people actually pull the old “Buy it, tuck in the tags, wear it and then return it” trick to meet the “online” standards and expectations. Could it get any worse?

Think of the huge waste that the mass production processes of these fashion trends must include. It doesn’t take long before we throw out the “not so in” pieces of clothes for the newest of trends. This surely doesn’t help our planet!

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to this cloud. More efforts to counter the ridiculous “Do It For Instagram” strategy are being put into effect.

Alternative companies going anti-mass production, celebrities advocating buying vintage clothes, launching #outfit-repeater hashtags and people resorting for wardrobe minimalism.

Sarah Abdelrahman, the aspiring young actress was the first in line to address the issue. She attended more than one red carpet event wearing clothes that are either recycled or bought from “El Wekala” in an attempt to counter consumerism.

Hopefully, more stars can be as mindful! Read more about the stars defending social problems here.

Speaking of the positives, a number of clothing brands in Egypt actually donate their faulty items to charities like The Egyptian Clothing Bank. As an alternative to throwing them away altogether.

What you could do, is simply be more conscious and refuse to adopt the same unrealistic perfection-oriented mentality.

Also, stop following accounts that reflect the hideous notion of unrealistic lifestyles with no care whatsoever to the harm they’re doing!