By Menna Abd-Elrhman
As humans, we all have to go through ups and downs in this life. For this reason, some days pass as peacefully as a touch of a little kid looking at you with a gorgeous smile, holding your finger with his tiny hand and giving you the permission to touch his heavenly soul while others are as harsh as Leonardo DiCaprio’s bear attacking scene in The Revenant, when you’re dying for help and screaming out loud but there is no one to give you a hand.
Suffering from depression is simply like living with a miserable roommate who follows you day and night to your every hiding corner. An annoying voice in your head telling you that this life isn’t worth it; just give up, stay in bed today with me and cry just like we did the last few weeks because we have no energy for those stupid people outside. You hate everybody and everybody hates you. Day after day, your work, your social life and your beautiful soul go down. You give yourself evil looks in the mirror followed by these kind of statements`You’re ugly`, ‘You look terribly fat`, ‘Nobody likes you so stop wasting your time being nice to them or looking fine because you’re not fine however how hard you try.
It’s like a wicked soul telling you that you can’t laugh, you can’t give a chance to the one you like to start a highly anticipated conversation or you can’t feel the satisfaction about anything so just ignore it.
Now you’re here, right in the middle of the depression, feeling the dark inside so deep to the point that makes you think you may affect the happy people who are suddenly surrounding you everywhere. You try your best to stay away as much as possible, in your dark room listening to your sad music, smoking, sleeping, talking to your depressed soul and thinking about all the things that might give you an even higher dose of depression.
It’s impossible to live your life like this. Somehow your true self suddenly emerges for a moment giving you some positive thoughts, telling you to stand up. You might feel the weight of depression pulling you down but try hard to stand up, take a step forward and smile. Feel the smile inside you, feel it right into your heart, your chest, into your young powerful beautiful soul before drawing it on your face like you’re performing a yoga exercise. Play your favorite type of music and dance. Dance crazily, wave your arms up in the air, jump, run and fool around the room. Don’t worry; there’s nobody here to judge you. Say it out loud: “Screw you depression you are not gonna get me ’cause I’m better than you.”
Make a mission statement get rid of your depression; list what makes you happy. Go shopping and buy yourself something you’ve always wanted, a nice dress, a pair of shoes or even a drawing book. Remove the dark clothes from your closet, the ugly and depressed pieces that you used to wear on your depressed days; just keep the colorful ones. Call your friends, invite them to come over and cook something for them. Talk to them, bring up some of your memories and laugh about them; try to tell them how you feel. They are your best option to combat your depression and make you feel better. Join the gym, sign up for a yoga or a dancing class, attend a play in the theatre or a stand up comedy, learn how to play a musical instrument that brings you joy, a violin, the drums or a guitar. Go to the cinema or attend a concert for one of your favorite bands. I don’t have to remind you to sing out loud, scream from your heart and dance until you can’t feel your legs. Learn a new language or even read some motivational books. It doesn’t matter what you include in your list as long as it will bring you happiness.
Your most important mission is to identify the reasons that made you feel depressed in the first place and avoid them. Always remember that you deserve to be fine. Actually, you deserve to be more than fine. You deserve to feel awesomeness like there’s no one happier than you and always remember this is the only life you are going live so you better do it right.